John Addington Symonds

Standard Name: Symonds, John Addington,, 1840 - 1893


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Cultural formation Vernon Lee
In her biography of Lee, Vineta Colby repeats longstanding judgments about the author's sexuality by emphasizing that she made no effort to conceal her attachments to women,
Colby, Vineta. Vernon Lee: A Literary Biography. University of Virginia Press.
but was hesitant about—even repelled by—sexual intimacy...
Dedications Emma Marshall
She worked hard at the research for this book, which she dedicated to John Addington Symonds .
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley.
She found her pen could not glide through it as with everyday tales.
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley.
She worried about...
Dedications A. Mary F. Robinson
AMFR published her second volume of poems, which she entitled The Crowned Hippolytus and dedicated to John Addington Symonds .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
2801 (1881): 8
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Family and Intimate relationships George Paston
The historian John Addington Symonds was GP 's second cousin, but she did not have a high opinion of his work.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Family and Intimate relationships A. Mary F. Robinson
In 1880 Robinson met historian and critic John Addington Symonds . Symonds was apparently quite taken by her intelligence and beauty, possibly to the point of infatuation. He had strong reservations about her friendship with...
Friends, Associates Mona Caird
MC shared a particularly close friendship with William Sharp (who wrote as Fiona MacLeod ) and his wife Elizabeth (who wrote his biography). The Sharps, who lived a two minutes' walk away from MC in...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Virginia's tutor Janet Case became her lifelong friend.
Lee, Hermione. Virginia Woolf. Chatto and Windus.
In her late teens she had an array of female friends of ten to twenty years older than herself: Violet Dickinson , philanthropic Quaker, Kitty Maxse
Intertextuality and Influence Michael Field
They were greatly influenced in their writing of this book by Henry Thornton Wharton 's recent Sappho: Memoir, Text, Selected Renderings, and a Literal Translation. Containing John Addington Symonds ' translation of Sappho 's...
Leisure and Society Storm Jameson
In Kettering SJ found respite from a place she disliked in walking and in a subscription to the Times Book Club , which brought to her attention J. A. Symonds 's Renaissance in Italy and...
Literary responses Amelia B. Edwards
In contrast to this, J. A. Symonds in the Academy (where ABE was well known and respected as a contributor) gave her credit as a serious Egyptologist. This, he said, was no mere book of...
Literary responses Vernon Lee
Lee's work had a highly mixed reception. It was praised by Pater: in a footnote added to the third edition of his Renaissance, he calls Euphoriona work abounding in knowledge and insights on...
Literary responses Emma Marshall
John Addington Symonds replied to the dedication by calling EMone of the brightest ornaments of literature applied to pure and healthful purpose for the youth of England.
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley.
A missionary reader in Calcutta wrote...
Occupation Mary Augusta Ward
Along with Mrs Max Müller , Charlotte Byron Green (wife of Thomas Hill Green and sister of John Addington Symonds ), and Louise Creighton , MAW became a secretary of the Lectures for Women Committee
Publishing Emily Hickey
In 1895 EH contributed a preface to a new edition of Roden Noel 's Livingstone in Africa (a poem originally published in 1874). In 1901 she collaborated with John Addington Symonds in a privately printed...
Publishing Emma Marshall
The Bristol Times and Mirror carried EM 's obituary of the writer John Addington Symonds , whose father had been her intellectual mentor when she moved to Clifton as a girl.
Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley.


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