Dorothy Boulger

Standard Name: Boulger, Dorothy
Birth Name: Dorothy Henrietta Havers
Birth Name: Theodora Henrietta Havers
Birth Name: Dora Henrietta Havers
Birth Name: Dorothea Henrietta Havers
Birth Name: Dorothy Henrietta Havers
Nickname: Dora
Married Name: Dorothy Henrietta Boulger
Pseudonym: Theo Gift
Used Form: Miss Dora Havers
DB 's writings spanned many forms and genres during the last three decades of the nineteenth century. She published a large number of novels (which include the semi-autobiographical), short stories, ghost stories, and adapted fairy stories, young people's fiction, children's books (some collaborative), and worked extensively in journalism. Some of her fiction uses as setting the Falkland Islands, where she grew up.


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Textual Production Charles Dickens
A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens's romance about the French Revolution set largely in Paris, appeared in 1859 in several forms:first serially in his new journal All the Year Round, and, overlapping...


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