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Performance of text Teresa Deevy
It ran for seven performances, and was printed in the Irish Literary Journal. An Abbey revival on 23 August 1937 ran for six performances.
The Teresa Deevy Archive.
“Playwrights. Teresa Deevy”. The Playwrights Database.
Performance of text John Millington Synge
JMS 's most controversial play, The Playboy of the Western World, premiered at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, starring May Craig .
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Performance of text John Millington Synge
JMS 's final three-act play, Deirdre of the Sorrows, which he worked and reworked but left unfinished, was staged at the Abbey Theatre , Dublin.
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Author summary Catherine Carswell
CC is best known for her 1920 novel, Open the Door!, and her insightful critical biography of her close friend D. H. Lawrence . Her literary corpus consists of two novels, three biographies, and...
Author summary Augusta Gregory
Augusta Gregory was a highly energetic and creative force in the Irish Literary Revival, which began in the late nineteenth century. Material from her collections and translations of Irish folklore, epics, and oral poetry inspired...
Publishing Teresa Deevy
Ernest Blythe , the new managing director of the Abbey Theatre , Dublin, rejected TD 's latest play, Wife to James Whelan.
McGuire, James, and James Quinn, editors. Dictionary of Irish Biography.
Publishing George Bernard Shaw
The play was supposed to be performed at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, but the directors were concerned that its honest portrayal of Ireland would alienate their audience.
Publishing Teresa Deevy
Meanwhile TD had signed a contract with the Abbey Theatre for her next play, Holiday House, in early 1939. But the play was never produced, and Deevy was never able to get an honest...
Publishing Michael Field
The second of these was the play which had not only appeared alone in print but had also been staged, in October 1893. A decade after that, in 1903, William Butler Yeats had turned down...
Reception Augusta Gregory
Bernard Shaw saw Lady Gregory as a born playwright . . . . doomed from the cradle to write for the stage, to break through every social obstacle to get to the stage, to refuse...
Reception Teresa Deevy
This work was awarded, jointly with Paul Vincent Carroll 's Things that are Caesar's, the Abbey 's prize for new playwrights. It was revived at the Abbey in late August 1937. Frank O'Connor wrote...
Textual Features Constance, Countess Markievicz
The play is written in the style and language of peasant plays made popular earlier in the century by the Abbey Theatre . Markievicz's three central characters are: Eileen, the heroine who is a physically...
Textual Production Augusta Gregory
AG had several further one-act comedies produced at the Abbey between 1910 and 1918: Coats (1 December 1910), McDonough's Wife (11 January 1912), Damer's Gold (21 November 1912), Shanwalla (8 April 1915), and Hanrahan's Oath...
Textual Production Catherine Byron
CB issued her second volume of poetry, entitled Samhain—which was originally the title of a journal published by W. B. Yeats from October 1901 to November 1908 to publicize productions at the Abbey Theatre .
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Textual Production Augusta Gregory
AG was very pleased with herself for being able to write a full-length play with only three characters. When she told Yeats this, he replied: They must have a great deal to talk about.
McDiarmid, Lucy, Maureen Waters, and Augusta Gregory. “Introduction, Notes, and Bibliography”. Selected Writings, Penguin, 1995, pp. xi - xliv, 525.


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