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Textual Production Augusta Gregory
When the Abbey wished to stage Molière, because his plays seemed akin to our own,AG translated his work into Kiltartan dialect because she could not find an English translation that could go across the...
Textual Production Catherine Carswell
She helped W. G. Fay to write his history of the Abbey Theatre , Dublin, The Fays of the Abbey Theatre: An Autobiographical Record (1935), which emphasises the actors and those who managed the...
Textual Production Martin Ross
MR resisted a pressing invitation from W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory to write a play with them for the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. She needed her writings to earn money, but a probably stronger...
Textual Production Teresa Deevy
TD 's next play for the Abbey Theatre (after her hit, Katie Roche), turned from the present to the past: The Wild Goose, set in 1692 with the oppression of the Penal Laws...
Textual Production Augusta Gregory
AG published an historical account of the Abbey Theatre entitled Our Irish Theatre, subtitled A Chapter of Autobiography.
Smythe, Colin, Ann Saddlemyer, and Colin Smythe, editors. “Chronology”. Lady Gregory, Fifty Years After, Colin Smythe, 1987, pp. 1 - 12.
McDiarmid, Lucy, Maureen Waters, and Augusta Gregory. “Introduction, Notes, and Bibliography”. Selected Writings, Penguin, 1995, pp. xi - xliv, 525.
Textual Production Augusta Gregory
By AG 's own account, she learned to write plays by contributing bits of dialogue, when wanted
Gregory, Augusta. Our Irish Theatre. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1913.
for various Abbey playwrights, especially Yeats . Through these collaborations with Yeats—on the structures and plots of...
Textual Production Augusta Gregory
AG wrote several first-rate comedies (many of them set in the fictional Irish village of Cloon), yet she found them difficult and was often apologetic about writing them. She claimed to have created them primarily...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Augusta Gregory
The volume includes detailed accounts of the Abbey 's encounters with English and Irish censorship, including the struggles over Shaw 's The Shewing-up of Blanco Posnet and Synge 's The Playboy of the Western World...


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