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Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
Theosophical Society member Henry Olcott had suggested that rather splitting the society into two factions, AK should get a charter and create their own society. The Hermetic Society was inaugurated two days after Kingsford's application...
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
AK presented a formal application for a charter to form the Hermetic Lodge of the Theosophical Society ; it was formally inaugurated two days later, and developed into the Hermetic Society.
This organization was distinct...
Cultural formation Anna Kingsford
As an adult, she converted from Anglicanism to Catholicism . She later became a vegetarian, and involved herself with two alternative movements, Spiritualism and Theosophy, before breaking away from the Theosophical Society to form the...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Kingsford
Together, AK and Edward Maitland explored the supernatural, becoming involved with the Theosophical Society and the Hermetic Society , and worked tirelessly for the abolition of vivisection.
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under Edward Maitland
In 1882...
Author summary Anna Kingsford
Anna Kingsford , described by W. T. Stead as one of the most interesting and fascinating of the women of the Victorian era,
Review of Reviews.
13 (January 1896): 75
was a successful physician, religious leader, and woman...
Reception Anna Kingsford
The Perfect Way was virtually ignored by the mainstream press, though it received a one-line notice in W. T. Stead 's Review of Reviews: Mystical, and very suggestive from the standpoint of the Christian...
Textual Features Anna Kingsford
The book offers fragments of the Sacred Books of Hermes , which arose from the latest productions of Greek philosophy yet contain some traces of the religious doctrine of ancient Eygpt.
Trismegistus, Hermes. The Virgin of the World. Translators Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland, Wizards Book Shelf.
These doctrines...


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