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Family and Intimate relationships Eva Figes
EF says that her son Orlando 's name has something to do with her childhood passion for As You Like It. He is an academic who has published on Russian history and culture. A...
Literary responses Bryony Lavery
Reviewers were delighted. Derren Gilhooley in the Mail on Sunday called it the year's furthest-off-the-wall biography.Jane Fox in The Financial Times called it hilarious, affectionate, vastly entertaining and a must-read for any self-respecting queer...
Literary responses Dervla Murphy
Catherine Bond in the Times Literary Supplement took exception to DM 's views on aid projects as fostering destructive materialism: she accused Murphy of arrogantly denying Africans the right to pursue the same advantages enjoyed...
Material Conditions of Writing Deborah Levy
This was Levy's first book to face the difficult environment for literary novels produced by the rise of Amazon and the end of regulation for book prices. Less commercial, more cerebral fiction was no longer...


July 1995: Jeff Bezos launched in Seattle, Washington,...

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July 1995

Jeff Bezos launched in Seattle, Washington, an online bookselling company named Amazon . It did only moderately well in 1996, but took off the following year.

Early 2004: The Richard and Judy Book Club was launched...

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Early 2004

The Richard and Judy Book Club was launched in Britain as a weekly television programme on Channel 4 , taking as its model the bookclub of Oprah Winfrey in the USA.

August 2005: Google's plans for massive digitization of...

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August 2005

Google 's plans for massive digitization of printed books for reading online were temporarily halted by threats of litigation in the USA.

November 2007: The latest advance in electronic books or...

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November 2007

The latest advance in electronic books or e-books, Kindle, was launched by Jeff Bezos , CEO of the web bookseller Amazon , competing with the Sony Reader, and featuring wireless connectivity.

10 December 2007: In the Christmas rush twelve years after...

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10 December 2007

In the Christmas rush twelve years after the online bookseller Amazon was founded, it sold on this single day almost five and a half million items.

Early November 2012: A merger was proposed between the publishers...

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Early November 2012

A merger was proposed between the publishers Penguin and Random House , that would create a mega-company with worldwide revenues of 4.1 billion dollars US.
Sabbagh, Dan. “Amazon fears underlie books merger”. Guardian Weekly, p. 17.

Late 2015: The online marketing company Amazon opened...

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Late 2015

The online marketing company Amazon opened its first IRL [in real life] bookshop. Amazon Books , in Seattle, planned to stock the 6,000 most popular titles on Amazon and to sell them at the...


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