Dervla Murphy

Standard Name: Murphy, Dervla
Birth Name: Dervilla Mary Murphy
Nickname: Dervla
DM , cosmopolitan Irishwoman, is primarily a travel writer, with more than twenty books to her credit. She excels at vivid rendering of human international contact (often made over drinks), at trenchant and well-informed socio-political analysis (perhaps above all of Northern Ireland), and at the autobiographical aspects of her craft. Beginning in the later twentieth century, the political and social aspects of her books became steadily more important and her urge to seek out trouble spots began to predominate over the need to seek out beautiful and remote places.


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Publishing Isabella Bird
Before publication in book form, some of the letters appeared in periodicals such as Out West and The Leisure Hour. The book was translated for a French edition and published in America by G. P. Putnam Sons
Publishing Ella K. Maillart
She completed writing the book at Mount Salève in the French Alps.
On 14 July 1938 the Times published a lively, anecdotal letter from Maillart about smuggling across the Alpine frontier between France and...


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