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Reception Sarah Waters
SW had not expected her book to travel beyond the lesbian community, but she was in for a surprise.
Sarah, and Lee. “Great LezBritain: Sarah Waters talks inspiration, adaptations at World Book Night”., pp. 1-2.
The Independent on Sunday enthused: Could this be a new genre? The bawdy lesbian picaresque novel...
Reception Jean Binta Breeze
Stylistically, this meant the replacement of a predominantly dub style with a more experimental format, one willing to embrace new and unusual rhythmic qualities. The work also led the British Film Institute and Channel 4
Textual Production Zadie Smith
Rumour has it that Hamish Hamilton accepted the manuscript for publication and paid its advance of £250,000 on the strength of eighty pages which ZS submitted to them in the year of her graduation from...
Textual Production Ruth Fainlight
During the 1990s RF wrote three opera libretti. First, composer Erika Fox , commissioned by Covent Garden Opera House for their series The Garden Venture, invited Fainlight to provide a chamber opera libretto, and...
Textual Production Sarah Kane
SK 's ten-minute television play Skin aired on Channel 4 . It was printed in her Complete Plays.
Kane, Sarah, and David Greig. Complete Plays. Methuen Drama.
Textual Production Michèle Roberts
MR had another play, Child Lover, premiered at the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow in 1993. The television adaptation of her story Ma Semblable Ma Soeur (titled from Baudelaire , with her script), aired on...


: The fourth British tv channel put out its...

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4. 45 p.m.2November1982

The fourth British tv channel put out its first broadcast: Channel 4 , which was licensed to be innovative and experimental, was launched with a teatime quiz game-show, Countdown.

Early 2004: The Richard and Judy Book Club was launched...

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Early 2004

The Richard and Judy Book Club was launched in Britain as a weekly television programme on Channel 4 , taking as its model the bookclub of Oprah Winfrey in the USA.

22 June 2006: A play by the unknown Kate Betts entitled...

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22 June 2006

A play by the unknown Kate Betts entitled On the Third Day opened at the New Ambassadors Theatre in London.

24 May 2010: For the first time, British television showed...

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24 May 2010

For the first time, British television showed a commercial publicizing abortion services (offered by the Marie Stopes Health Clinic ).


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