Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy

Standard Name: Victor Emmanuel III,, King of Italy
Used Form: Vittorio Emmanuele


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Dedications Ouida
Ouida published Bimbi, Stories for Children, with a dedication to the young Prince of Naples, Vittorio Emmanuele .
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18: 240
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Literary responses Mary Louisa Molesworth
Admiring readers allegedly included the future Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, as well as royal children in England.
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Textual Features Una Troubridge
In her Foreword, UT promises, as if a court of law, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Troubridge, Una. The Life and Death of Radclyffe Hall. Hammond, Hammond.
She begins by sketching Hall's family history and her family...


28-30 October 1922: Mussolini, leader of Italy's Fascists, stayed...

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28-30 October 1922

Mussolini , leader of Italy's Fascists , stayed in the background during his party's so-called March on Rome, then arrived in Rome to speak with the king, Victor Emmanuel III .

Early May 1936: The Italo-Abyssinian War ended with Mussolini's...

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Early May 1936

The Italo-Abyssinian War ended with Mussolini 's proclamation of Italy's annexation of Abyssinia (today called Ethiopia).


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