Nahum Tate

Standard Name: Tate, Nahum


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Anthologization Anne Wharton
This miscellany or anthology was collected by Nahum Tate . Wharton appeared again in miscellanies published in 1688 (The Idea of Christian Love), 1693 (A Collection of Poems), and 1695 (...
Intertextuality and Influence Judith Drake
Its boldness in argument—seeking to lift women to an Equallity [sic]
Drake, Judith. An Essay in Defence of the Female Sex. A. Roper, E. Wilkinson, and R. Clavel, 1696. http://U of A, Special Collections, http://U of A, Special Collections.
with men—may stem from its anonymity. It is also interesting as literary criticism, notably on Dryden , Wycherley , Congreve , and Locke
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Justice
She briefly recapiculates details from her previously-described Russian experience: the way she made herself popular with the sailors by getting rum added to their tea; her teaching use of hymns like Awake my soul and...
Textual Features Frances Brooke
The periodical's theatre reports, provided by a little court of female criticism
Brooke, Frances. “Introduction”. The Excursion, edited by Paula R. Backscheider and Hope D. Cotton, University Press of Kentucky, 1997, p. ix - xlix.
that includes Mary Singleton and a further six virgins,
Brooke, Frances. “Introduction”. The Excursion, edited by Paula R. Backscheider and Hope D. Cotton, University Press of Kentucky, 1997, p. ix - xlix.
deplore the displacement of Shakespeare 's original King Lear by Nahum Tate
Textual Features Elisabeth Wast
The point of EW 's book is to relate her religious experiences. She follows a chronological path, interrupting herself on occasion to add something that she forgot to mention in its proper Place.
Wast, Elisabeth. Memoirs; or, Spiritual Exercises. 1724.
Textual Production Anne Finch
Nahum Tate edited volume one (as it turned out the only volume to appear) of Miscellanea Sacra: or, poems on divine & moral subjects, which included work by AF .
Moody, Ellen. “I On Myself Can Live. A Literary Biography of Anne Finch’s Life (never-completed)”. Ellen Moody’s Website.


About March 1681
Nahum Tate 's re-written version of Shakespeare 's tragedyKing Lear was staged in London; it was printed the same year.
Probably 23 April 1689
Mr and Mrs Priest's girls' school in Chelsea put on the first (private) performance of Dido and Aeneas, by Henry Purcell .
Nahum Tate published A Present for the Ladies: Being a Historical Vindication of the Female Sex.
Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady issued their New Version of the Psalms of David, which gradually replaced the metrical psalms of Sternhold and Hopkins .
1 December 1699
John Pomfret published The Choice, a poem in praise of the good life; among many other poems sharing this title, or that of The Wish, Pomfret's became a long-lived favourite.


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