Thomas Sternhold

Standard Name: Sternhold, Thomas


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Textual Features Elisabeth Wast
The point of EW 's book is to relate her religious experiences. She follows a chronological path, interrupting herself on occasion to add something that she forgot to mention in its proper Place.
Wast, Elisabeth. Memoirs; or, Spiritual Exercises. 1724.


Probably by June 1549
The first collection of nineteen psalms translated into English verse was published by Thomas Sternhold ; later editions, after Sternhold's death (in August this year), added a few more psalms translated by John Hopkins .
The Anglican Book of Common Prayer first appeared with Sternhold and Hopkins 's English verse psalms as an integral part of it.
By 1640
About 300 editions of Sternhold and Hopkins 's English verse psalms had been published.
Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady issued their New Version of the Psalms of David, which gradually replaced the metrical psalms of Sternhold and Hopkins .