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Anthologization Aphra Behn
Apart from many more or less creatively distant imitations, AB produced several actual translations.
Scholars sometimes differ about what to class as largely original and what not.
She was invited by Dryden to contribute to...
Education Melesina Trench
After the deaths of her parents Melesina Chenevix was committed to the care of a governess who had a determination to rule by rigour. . . . The fear and distaste I had for her...
Education Anna Kingsford
She was an avid reader from her youth up and enjoyed free access to her father's library. She devoured various translations from the classics—notably the Metamorphoses of Ovid —and assimilated the contents of Lemprière and...
Education Isabella Whitney
IW says she read the Bible, then history, then Latin authors both classical and Renaissance: Virgil , Ovid , and Mantuan .
Whitney, Isabella. A Sweet Nosegay, or Pleasant Posy. Students of Sara Jayne Steen,Editor , Montana State University.
Education Mary Eleanor Bowes, Countess of Strathmore
As a girl, Mary Eleanor Bowes received an excellent education and could speak several languages, reading French and Italian authors in the original. It was said that she did not learn Latin, but also that...
Education Marie de France
MF was an effective user of both the English and Latin languages, though she wrote in French (that is, Old French). She also had some Breton. She was familiar with the Latin poet Ovid as...
Family and Intimate relationships Sappho
Interest in her sexuality was disseminated in Europe by Ovid in his Heroides (or Heroines), a collection from the first century AD of fictional epistles, mostly from women (all of them except Sappho mythological)...
Friends, Associates Mary Matilda Betham
As well as meeting at Llangollen with Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby (who later talked with high praise of her),
Betham, Ernest, editor. A House of Letters. Jarrold and Sons, 1905.
69, 70
MMB acquired a wide acquaintance in London. She became a close friend...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Fyge
In Lady Campbell, with a Female Advocate, SF calls her first published work fatal: Go, fatal book, she writes,
Fyge, Sarah. Poems on Several Occasions. J. Nutt, 1703.
showing off her learning by modifying the Go, little book formula used by...
Intertextuality and Influence Jane Barker
JB writes to one male friend (my Adopted Brother) on his approaching marriage, not to congratulate but to dissuade.
Barker, Jane. Poetical Recreations. Benjamin Crayle, 1687.
She reflects her intimate knowledge of the work of Katherine Philips and Abraham Cowley
Intertextuality and Influence Hélène Gingold
One of the stories, A Modern Orpheus, revisits the Greek myth related by Ovid and others, with a man named Jones playing the Greek hero's Victorian counterpart. The Thracian poet and musician who attempted...
Intertextuality and Influence Marina Warner
MW published a study entitled Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds, a work which, like her preceding novel and short-story collection, reflects her interest in the Metamorphoses of Ovid .
Lasdun, James. “Hatching, Splitting, Doubling”. London Review of Books, pp. 24 - 5.
Jays, David. “Forever changes”. The Observer.
Intertextuality and Influence Natalie Clifford Barney
Rewriting Ovid , NCB attributes Sappho 's death to her love for Timas, a young female disciple, instead of Phaon.
Causse, Michèle. Berthe ou un demi-siècle auprès de l’Amazone. Tierce, 1980.
Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar. No Man’s Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century. Yale University Press, 1988.
2: 226
The text incorporates quotations from Sappho , together with footnotes in Greek and critical commentary.
Benstock, Shari. Women of the Left Bank: Paris, 1900-1940. University of Texas Press, 1986.
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Green
This preface is headed by two Latin words (one with a faulty grammatical ending) from Ovid 's description of chaos. SG slams both male and female novelists, chiefly authors of gothic or horrid novels and...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Green
The plot owes something to Charlotte Lennox 's Female Quixote. The father of Green's heroine has lived through many crazes for novelists: first Burney , then Radcliffe , then Owenson , then Rosa Matilda


In a bonfire of the vanities in Florence, Italy, Girolamo Savonarola destroyed texts by Ovid , Dante , Boccaccio and others.
French poetLouise Labé (c. 1520-1566), a salonnière in the city of Lyons, daughter and wife of rope-makers, published her Oeuvres at Lyons.
George Turbervile published Heroycall Epistles (London: Henry Denham), a translation of Ovid 's Heroides.
12 October 1597
Michael Drayton 's England's Heroicall Epistles was entered in the Stationers' Register ; it appeared the same year.
John Dryden , with others, published a collaborative versetranslation of Ovid 's Epistles (or Heroides).