Sir Henry Irving

Standard Name: Irving, Sir Henry


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Cultural formation Pamela Hansford Johnson
Her family was comfortably upper-middle-class on both sides, but her mother's theatrical connections made a difference. The family made a cult of Sir Henry Irving (for whom Pamela's maternal grandfather had worked as a manager)...
Education Pamela Hansford Johnson
PHJ learned a lot in the library of her maternal grandfather, whose books, she says, were mostly [Henry] Irving 's rejects.
Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Important to Me. Macmillan; Scribner, 1974.
She had read the entire works of Shakespeare by the age of eight...
Family and Intimate relationships Julia Frankau
JF 's younger sister Eliza, later Aria , also became a writer; more than Julia, she needed to support herself. She was a journalist, brilliant and witty, the founder of the school of gay flippant...
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Grand
In 1896 SG described her two stepsons, one of whom was only six years younger than her, as the greatest friends I have in the world.
Grand, Sarah. Sex, Social Purity and Sarah Grand: Volume 1. Heilmann, AnnEditor , Routledge, 2000.
Both of them joined the armed forces, and...
Friends, Associates John Oliver Hobbes
She made many friends and acquaintances both as a figure in society and as an author. These included literary people such as George Meredith , Thomas Hardy , Punch editor Owen Seaman , William Archer
Friends, Associates Emily Faithfull
EF 's circle of literary friends included Oliver Wendell Holmes , Joaquin Miller , James Russell Lowell , and Walt Whitman .
Stone, James S. Emily Faithfull: Victorian Champion of Women’s Rights. P. D. Meany, 1994.
She also made the acquaintance of many actors and actresses, including Henry Irving
Friends, Associates John Strange Winter
JSW had an extensive social circle in London—her biographer, Oliver Bainbridge , notes that a number of social claims were made upon her by reason of her popularity, and that these were always in advance...
Friends, Associates Julia Frankau
Literary figures regularly seen at JF 's afternoon salons included George Moore , Max Beerbohm , Arnold Bennett , Somerset Maugham , Sir William Nicholson , and Sir Henry Irving . It was at one...
Leisure and Society Mary Anne Duffus Hardy
MADH , like her daughter, was a keen theatre-goer and attender of concerts. She enjoyed the occasional melodrama, but preferred serious plays, and was delighted to discover that the New YorkShakespearean repertoire was far...
Literary Setting Pamela Hansford Johnson
This book, which draws on the history of the late nineteenth-century London theatre in which PHJ 's family was steeped, features a famous actor-manager (Henry Peverell, who has something in common at least with Sir Henry Irving
Occupation Edith Craig
EC , aged eight, first appeared on stage in a walk-on role for a performance of Olivia at the Court Theatre ; her mother, Ellen Terry , and famous actor Henry Irving played the leads.
Auerbach, Nina. Ellen Terry: Player in Her Time. W.W. Norton, 1987.
Cockin, Katharine. Edith Craig (1869-1947): Dramatic Lives. Cassell, 1998.
Occupation Edith Craig
EC worked with Henry Irving 's Lyceum Company even before she became a regular member of the company in 1890.
Cockin, Katharine. Edith Craig (1869-1947): Dramatic Lives. Cassell, 1998.
St John, Christopher. “Biographical Note”. Edy: Recollections of Edith Craig, edited by Eleanor Adlard, 1stst ed, Frederick Muller, 1949.
Occupation Edith Craig
EC both performed in and made the costumes for Henry Irving 's Lyceum Theatre production of Victorien Sardou 's Robespierre.
Cockin, Katharine. Edith Craig (1869-1947): Dramatic Lives. Cassell, 1998.
41, 218
St John, Christopher. “Biographical Note”. Edy: Recollections of Edith Craig, edited by Eleanor Adlard, 1stst ed, Frederick Muller, 1949.
Occupation Adelaide Kemble
AK and her husband kept up the Kemble family tradition with private theatricals. She also continued to attend the London theatre: when she first saw on stage a young unknown called Henry Irving , she...
Occupation Emmuska, Baroness Orczy
She had suddenly conceived the ambition of becoming an artist (the only profession open to her, as a girl of good family) when she heard that this was the choice of the cousin with whom...


26 December 1867
Ellen Terry and Henry Irving made the first of many stage appearances together when they played opposite one another in Katherine and Petruchio (better known as The Taming of the Shrew) at the new...
31 August 1878
Henry Irving was annouced as the new manager of the Lyceum Theatre ; Mrs Sidney Frances Cowell Bateman had managed it since the death of her husand, Colonel Hezekiah Bateman , in March 1875.
30 December 1878
Henry Irving and Ellen Terry began their successful stage partnership at the Lyceum Theatre in London by starring opposite one another in Hamlet.
1 November 1879
The Lyceum Theatre produced a successful revision of The Merchant of Venice starring Henry Irving and Ellen Terry .
The Lyceum company set out on the first international theatre tour of North America.
Actor Henry Irving declined a knighthood; the first female actress did not receive a D.B.E. for another 38 years.
Henry Irving 's famous production of Faust opened at the Lyceum theatre at a cost of nearly £12,000.
1 December 1929
The British Actors' Equity Association , the first trade union for professional actors, was founded by Ben Webster during a meeting held at the Duke of York's Theatre , London.