Eliza Aria

Standard Name: Aria, Eliza


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Family and Intimate relationships Julia Frankau
JF 's younger sister Eliza, later Aria , also became a writer; more than Julia, she needed to support herself. She was a journalist, brilliant and witty, the founder of the school of gay flippant...
Family and Intimate relationships Pamela Frankau
Journalist Eliza Aria (Julia Frankau's younger sister) was PF 's great-aunt, and James Davis , who wrote musical comedies under the name of Owen Hall, was her great-uncle.
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(9 June 1967): 12
Stern, G. B. . And did he stop and speak to you?. Henry Regnery.
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Friends, Associates Pamela Frankau
Her aunt Eliza Aria introduced the very young PF to many of her older, god-like friends: first of all actress Sybil Thorndike and writers Michael Arlen and Osbert Sitwell .
Frankau, Pamela. I Find Four People. I. Nicholson and Watson.
Later came John Van Druten
Textual Features Pamela Frankau
The central character of the original story, Penelope Wells, is a talented English girl growing up in the south of France at the eccentric hotel chaotically run by her famous-poet father and her French stepmother...
Textual Features Pamela Frankau
In this book PF offers her impressions of celebrities
Stern, G. B. . And did he stop and speak to you?. Henry Regnery.
met through her great-aunt Eliza Aria . Place is important too, like her vivid yet dreamlike description of Sligachan on the Isle of Skye...
Textual Production Ella Hepworth Dixon
She was offered this position by F. V. White on the strength of her novel The Story of a Modern Woman. As an editor she was following in the footsteps of her celebrated father


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