Henry Vaughan

Standard Name: Vaughan, Henry


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Dedications Winifred Peck
WP dedicated her novel There is a Fortress to the most generous of husband s. Her title-page quotes two stanzas from Henry Vaughan (from whom her title is adapted) without naming him.
The date comes...
Literary responses Anne Bradstreet
This book appeared in a publisher's catalogue of 1657 listing the most marketable books in England. (The list included all the great male names, from Shakespeare and Donne to Crashaw and Vaughan , but only...
Literary responses Katherine Philips
This publication confirms her links with many royalist writers. Several members of her Society of Friendship contributed to this volume, as did Henry Vaughan , who published a compliment to her later the same year.
Philips, Katherine. “Introduction and Textual Notes”. The Collected Works of Katherine Philips, The Matchless Orinda, Volume I: The Poems, edited by Patrick Thomas, Stump Cross Books, 1990, pp. 1 - 68.
Textual Features Elizabeth Jennings
Every Changing Shape was reprinted in 1996 by Carcanet Press with a foreword by Michael Schmidt . It collects essays on Christian writers and mystics that address the way that faith informs the creative imagination...
Textual Production Margiad Evans
She wrote this book, at least the later parts of it, while she was actually going through the bodily experiences—epilepsy, pregnancy—that it describes.
Evans, Margiad. A Ray of Darkness. Arthur Barker, 1952.
129, 133
The dedication reads: This manuscript is hopefully and precociously dedicated...
Textual Production Margaret Kennedy
MK published her only personal account: an unfinished journal of a part of the war years entitled Where Stands a Winged Sentry.
The title comes from a poem by the seventeenth-century Henry Vaughan ...
Textual Production Rose Macaulay
Writing about a wide range of authors from Caedmon to Coventry Patmore , she devotes a significant portion of the book to the seventeenth century, which held a great interest for her. The chapter Anglicans
Textual Production Katharine Tynan
KT selected some of her previously published religious and inspirational poetry for a new volume, titled The Flower of Peace: A Collection of Devotional Poetry, which she published by 23 July 1914.
Fallon, Ann Connerton. Katharine Tynan. Twayne, 1979.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
653 (23 July 1914): 359


Henry Vaughan published his poetry volume Silex Scintillans.