Winifred Peck

Standard Name: Peck, Winifred
Birth Name: Winifred Frances Knox
Married Name: Winifred Frances Peck
Titled: Winifred Frances, Lady Peck
Indexed Name: Lady Peck
During her extended career in the earlier half of the twentieth century, WP published twenty-five books—mainly novels, with history, biography, a children's book, and two volumes of memoirs—as well as individual stories and girls' school stories. Her novels include detective fiction.


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Education Hope Mirrlees
She later attended St Andrews Preparatory School, and after that St Leonard's school (also in the city of St Andrewsin Scotland), a progressive and academically high-flying girls' public school which also ecucated Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda
Family and Intimate relationships Penelope Fitzgerald
Novelist Winifred Peck was PF 's aunt.
Occupation Elizabeth Taylor
While her career ambitions centred on becoming a writer, she also at her mother's urging found work as governess to a brilliant pupil,
Liddell, Robert, and Francis King. Elizabeth and Ivy. Peter Owen.
Oliver Knox, seven-year-old son of Dillwyn Knox —and nephew, therefore, of...
Textual Features Penelope Fitzgerald
She renders these portraits with affection, amusement, and a sympathetic understanding of the period of their intellectual flowering. PF 's aunt Winifred Peck gets very little attention: we learn that her brothers classed her as...
Textual Production Penelope Fitzgerald
PF wrote twice about her writer aunt, Winifred Peck , and particularly about her wartime novel House-Bound. In 1985 she wrote in the Times Literary Supplement that this was the one among all her...


1906: The coachman in the family of Winifred Knox...

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The coachman in the family of Winifred Knox (later Peck) pronounced on the subject of cars: Them things won't last; just a fad they are; won't last!


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