Germaine Greer

Standard Name: Greer, Germaine
Birth Name: Germaine Greer
Pseudonym: Germaine
Pseudonym: Dr G.
Pseudonym: Earth Rose
Pseudonym: Rose Blight
GG , scholar and media person, was one of the early and most important voices in the explosion of feminist theory and action in the 1970s. She also worked in journalism and published a satirical gardening column. She has written academic literary history, and monographs of social analysis on a number of burning topics: population control, the status of women, international relations between rich and poor countries, and environmental damage and conservation. GG has founded and run a journal devoted to the study of women's writing. Her editorial production includes a ground-breaking anthology of seventeenth-century women's poetry, as well as collected works by individual early female poets, and broader poetry selections. Her book about discovering her father's mysterious past combines biography with autobiography.
Black-and-white photo of Germaine Greer, looking at the camera and holding a tall bunch of sticks as she stretches one leg over a fence, March            1971.
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Anthologization Jo Shapcott
Germaine Greer 's Poems for Gardeners, 2003, includes several of the sensuous little 2-stanza poems that are Shapcott's version of Rainer Maria Rilke 's Les Roses, and printed in her Tender Taxes...
Anthologization Alice Sutcliffe
Only a handful of copies of this survive (four were known in 1996).
OCLC WorldCat.
Cullen, Patrick, and Alice Sutcliffe. “Introductory Note”. Alice Sutcliffe, Scolar Press, 1996, p. ix - xiii.
It was included by Germaine Greer , Jeslyn Medoff , and others in Kissing the Rod, 1988, and selected by...
Anthologization Damaris Masham
DM left in manuscript a poem which has been entitled from its opening words, When Deaths Cold Hand, written in 1682, now among Locke's papers in the Bodleian Library as Locke MS c. 32...
Cultural formation William Shakespeare
Scholarly debate continues to rage on the question of whether WS subscribed to the Church of England or whether he adhered to the minority and persecuted Old Religion of Catholicism . Supporters of the Catholic...
Family and Intimate relationships William Shakespeare
Her name was given wrongly in the licence, which has given rise to various lines of speculation; however, there seems no good reason to doubt that Shakespeare intended from this date to marry the woman...
Family and Intimate relationships Maya Angelou
MA made her second marriage, to Australian journalist and house-builder Paul du Feu , in the same year in which he was divorced from Germaine Greer and published a memoir entitled Let's Hear It for...
Intertextuality and Influence Monica Furlong
She begins arrestingly: We live in a period in which it is not possible to talk meaningfully about God.
Furlong, Monica. The End of Our Exploring. Hodder and Stoughton, 1973.
She then posits an absolute human need for meaning and for myth (the core...
Literary responses Sappho
Margaret Reynolds in The Sappho Companion, 2001, sweeps with a broad net translations, portraits, ballets, operas, poems, plays, novels, songs and treatises.
Gubar, Susan. “Multiple personality”. Women’s Review of Books, No. 12, pp. 13 -14.
She too ends on the potential of Sappho as lesbian foremother...
Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
Germaine Greer called I Wouldn't Thank You for a Valentinebreezy and populist.
Greer, Germaine. “A biodegradable art. Changing fashions in anthologies of women’s poetry”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 4813, pp. 7 - 8.
Literary responses Jan Morris
Germaine Greer wrote a review for the Evening Standard which opens politely: You cannot help liking Jan Morris and she poses her Conundrum in great style. Greer uses the feminine pronoun but asserts that Morris...
Literary responses Christabel Pankhurst
Nearly twenty years later Sylvia Pankhurst accused this book of sensationalism and of preaching the sex war deprecated and denied by the older Suffragists.
Purvis, June, and Maureen Wright. “Writing Suffragette History: the contending autobiographical narratives of the Pankhursts”. Women’s History Review, No. 3/4, pp. 405 - 33.
In the later twentieth century it was dismissed by a...
Literary responses Anne Stevenson
Germaine Greer praises her in Slip-Shod Sibyls for expressing consciousness of herself as a woman poet rather than the woman poet, for looking forward to the forging of a new language in which women would...
Literary responses Emmeline Pankhurst
Germaine Greer has observed that the fact of Emily Davison 's death after running in front of the king's horse in the Derbyremains unspoken in Pankhurst's speech, which hardly makes sense without it.
Greer, Germaine, and Emmeline Pankhurst. “Foreword”. Freedom or death, Guardian News and Media, 2007.
Literary responses Lucy Hutchinson
Since her tally of works in print began to climb steeply in the 1990s, anthologists Jane Stevenson and Peter Davidson have called LHone of the most important poets, man or woman, of the mid-century...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jennings
She held bursaries or grants from the Arts Council (after the initial one for her first book) in 1965, 1968, and 1972.
“Lauinger Library: Special Collections Division”. Georgetown University Library.
Some critics disparage EJ 's work along lines effectively summarized by Robert Crawford


Mary Beale had a good year as a practising painter, with 83 commissions and an earned income of £429. She had set up a studio in Pall Mall in 1670.
Three touchstones of USfeminist theory were published: Shulamith Firestone 's The Dialectic of Sex and Robin Morgan 's anthology Sisterhood is Powerful, as well as Kate Millett 's Sexual Politics.
30 April 1971
A Public Debate on Women's Liberation was held at the Town Hall, New York, between Norman Mailer on one hand, and on the other Jacqueline Ceballos , Germaine Greer , Jill Johnston , and Diana Trilling .
3-16 December 1971
Pakistan and India fought a war over the secession of the former East Pakistan, which claimed independent nation status as Bangladesh.
The US Democratic Convention, held this year in Miami, saw the first action by the newly formed National Women's Political Caucus .
By 26 October 1972
Helen Gardner edited The New Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1950, designed to update and replace Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch 's Oxford Book of English Verse, 1900.
28 January 1973
William Hamilton 's Private Member's Bill to outlaw sex discrimination by employers failed to pass the House of Commons : Ronald Bell single-handedly delayed voting until the teabreak intervened.
The United Nations International Conference on Population and Development met in Bucharest, Romania, to mark World Population Year.
This year was designated International Women's Year, though the intiative of Helvi Sipila of the United Nations .
By Autumn 1975
Carmen Callil 's new Virago Press issued its first title, Mary Chamberlain 's Fenwomen: A Portrait of Women in an English Village, an indictment of rural poverty as it bears on women.
January 1996
Novelist Kate Mosse and a committee of literary professionals established the Orange Prize for Fiction (later the Baileys Prize, now the Women's Proze for Fiction), a literary prize to be solely awarded to and judged...
2 June 2003
British Asian writer Monica Ali published her first novel, Brick Lane, to resounding success.
16 June 2011
Caitlin Moran , a British journalist and broadcaster born in 1975, published How To Be a Woman, a kind of hilarious, moralised, feministmemoir or self-help book.