Royal College of Surgeons


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death Dorothy Richardson
There was neither a burial nor a memorial ceremony. DR 's body, which she had donated to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons , was returned to her family more than two years later...
Dedications Charlotte Riddell
She dedicated it to Frederick C. Skey , former president of the Royal College of Surgeons .
Ellis, Stewart Marsh. Wilkie Collins, Le Fanu, and Others. Books for Libraries Press, 1931.
Already in 1871, ostensibly the year of its book publication, two other London publishers, Gall and Inglis
Family and Intimate relationships Helen Mathers
The son of a naval architect, Henry Reeves was born at Calcutta in India. He was educated at the grammar school at St Albans and at the Middlesex Hospital in London, and it...
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
The Athenæum's editor, Charles Wentworth Dilke , commissioned a reply that was attributed to the president of the Royal College of Surgeons , Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie . The response argued that HM was...
Occupation Harriet Shaw Weaver
Davies-Colley (who was the first woman to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons ) and Chadburn, overwhelmed and over-worked at their Harley Street Women's Hospital , asked HSW to help them lead...
politics Sophia Jex-Blake
The Council of the College of Surgeons decided to admit SJB and two of her colleagues to the examination in midwifery; at this the examiners resigned.
Moscucci, Ornella. The Science of Woman: Gynaecology and Gender in England, 1800-1929. Cambridge University Press, 1990.
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
ME intended her fiction to serve the same broadly didactic purpose, adapted to each rank of society and period of life, as did the directly educational writings in which she collaborated with her father.
Butler, Marilyn. Maria Edgeworth: A Literary Biography. Clarendon, 1972.
Textual Features Hilary Mantel
Charles Byrne travelled from Ireland to London at the end of the eighteenth century to put himself on display as a freak or monster. Though he took ingenious steps to try to keep his body...
Wealth and Poverty Ethel Wilson
In 1931, Wallace Wilson was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons . His practice was now located on West Georgia Street, a desirable area of Vancouver. In a...


Those London barbers who also practised as surgeons incorporated a company to protect their interests.
An English Act of Parliament restricted surgery to qualified persons.
Surgeons in England broke away from the Barbers' Company to found their own corporation, the College of Surgeons .
The College of Surgeons in London received a royal charter and became the Royal College of Surgeons .
1 January 1828
The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons expanded the requirements for membership to include two courses of lectures on obstretrics.
The College of Surgeons became the Royal College of Surgeons .
The Royal College of Surgeons set up the first male midwifery course in London and excluded female midwives.
December 1852
The first examination for the Midwifery Licence of the College of Surgeons was held.
The Royal College of Surgeons introduced a Licence in Dental Surgery.
Early 1859
Dr Robert Fowler published his account of the widely publicized case of Sarah Jacob , a fourteen year-old who died from starvation associated with girlhood hysteria.
Brumberg, Joan Jacobs. Fasting Girls. Harvard University Press, 1988.