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Family and Intimate relationships Colette
Colette 's third husband, Maurice Goudeket , who was Jewish, was arrested in Paris by the Gestapo
Colette,. Lettres à Sa Fille, 1916-1953. Jouvenel, Anne deEditor , Gallimard, 2003.
politics Hannah Arendt
During her first marriage, HA criticised the German women's movement for interesting itself in social, or women's issues without considering the broader political causes and consequences which made them of concern to men as well...
politics Vera Brittain
After the end of World War II, Brittain learned that both she and her husband were in the Gestapo 's Black-book; this was a list of 2,820 British subjects and European exiles who would...
politics Dorothy Bussy
DB and her daughter Janie were active anti-Fascists during World War II, though their specific activities and affiliations are unclear. In November 1944 Vanessa Bell wrote to Molly MacCarthy about some of the Bussys' work...
Residence Gertrude Stein
GS spent most of World War II in the French villages of Bilignin and Culoz, despite warnings from the American consul in Lyons that she should leave because she was Jewish (as was Alice...
Textual Features Marghanita Laski
Englishman Hilary Wainwright is spending Christmas of 1943 with his mother in England. The year before, in 1942, he had been in Paris (then under the Vichy puppet regime) with his pregnant wife, Lisa...
Textual Production Vera Brittain
VB 's literary output during and immediately after World War II was almost entirely taken up with statements of her pacifist convictions both her in non-fictional writing and lecturing and her last two novels. The...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Marghanita Laski
In France Pierre takes him to meet a curé and the curé's housekeeper, Madame Quilleboeuf, who during the war had smuggled to safety the children of people picked up by the Gestapo , hiding each...


14 June 1940
Paris fell to the advancing German army; within days a puppet government of France was set up, in Vichy, headed by Marshall Pétain .
4 August 1944
The Dutch Jewish family of Otto Frank , including fifteen-year old Anne Frank , were betrayed to the Gestapo after more than two years of hiding in their secret annexe above the offices at 263...
20 November 1945 - 1 October 1946
The first set of Nuremberg trials, called the Trial of the Major War Criminals, took place before the International Military Tribunal.
30 September 1946
The Nuremberg trials ended after almost a year in court, and judges from Allied countries sentenced eleven Nazi war criminals to death.