Philippe Pétain

Standard Name: Pétain, Philippe
Used Form: Philippe Petain
Used Form: Henri-Philippe Pétain
Used Form: Henri-Philippe Petain
Used Form: Marshall Petain


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Friends, Associates Amabel Williams-Ellis
Having recognized the anti-Pétain ist sentiments in the text, AWE was eager to discuss with its author the play's production in German-occupied Paris.
Occupation Nancy Cunard
NC worked as a translator in London for the Free French , the French government-in-exile during the rule of Marshall Pétain 's Nazi -compliant Vichy government in France.
Chisholm, Anne. Nancy Cunard. Knopf.
265, 272
Residence Cecily Mackworth
She described this journey in detail in I Came Out of France and again more briefly in Ends of the World. Her later account recalls the crowd of refugees heading towards the twin towers...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Cecily Mackworth
Mackworth met plenty of soldiers, both French and British, who were baffled and upset by the crumbling of French resistance; she also met a few people of right-wing views who felt closer to a German...


14 June 1940: Paris fell to the advancing German army;...

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14 June 1940

Paris fell to the advancing German army; within days a puppet government of France was set up, in Vichy, headed by Marshall Pétain .

18 June 1940: Charles de Gaulle, a French officer who had...

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18 June 1940

Charles de Gaulle , a French officer who had fled to Britain when France fell (now technically, with Marshall Pétain 's armistice plan, a rebel and a deserter for seeking to fight on),
Beevor, Antony, and Charles de Gaulle. “Foreword”. The flame of French resistance, Guardian News and Media, pp. 5-8.

3 July 1940: A Royal Navy task force destroyed much of...

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3 July 1940

A Royal Navy task force destroyed much of the French navy (at a time when France, recently Britain's ally, was largely German-occupied and governed by Marshall Pétain ) at Mers-el-Kébir on the coast of Algeria.


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