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Literary responses Jemima Tautphoeus
JT 's fiction received mixed reviews during her life. A Mrs Marie Barrett-Lennard of Sevenoaks went to some trouble to locate copies of her books in the late 1920s, when one might have supposed her...
Author summary Margaret Roberts
MR wrote from youth until old age, mostly during the later nineteenth century. She usually remained anonymous, though she did eventually give permission to the firm of Tauchnitz to put her name on some of...
Author summary Dorothea Gerard
DG was a novelist and romance-writer whose general conservatism co-existed with a piercing eye for relations across national and ethnic divides, for antisemitism and other forms of prejudice. She was the author, too, of an...
Publishing Beatrice Harraden
Blackwood rejected this novel: William Blackwood thought it too sad to suit the public taste.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
BH then made the mistake of selling the copyright to the publisher who had accepted her, Lawrence and Bullen ...
Publishing Emma Marshall
EM published the domestic novel Mrs. Mainwaring's Journal, which had several reprintings at London and New York, as well as a Tauchnitz edition in 1881.
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Marshall, Beatrice. Emma Marshall. Seeley, 1900.
95, 168
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Publishing Mrs Alexander
Kitty Costello was completed just before MA 's death.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press, 1989.
Hardy, Iza Duffus, and Mrs Alexander. “In Memoriam”. Kitty Costello, T. Fisher Unwin, 1904, pp. 5 - 7.
A Tauchnitz edition appeared the same year.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Anne Thackeray Ritchie
It appeared in volume form the same year, published in England by Smith, Elder and abroad (like most of ATR 's other works) by Tauchnitz in Leipzig. It was reissued by Smith, Elder the...
Publishing Charlotte Dempster
CD sought royal patronage for her work by asking the Princess of Caserta to donate a photograph of her husband, Prince Alfonso , for the book's frontispiece.
Dempster, Charlotte. The Manners of My Time. Knox, AliceEditor , Grant Richards, 1920.
The work was translated into German in...
Publishing Beatrice Harraden
She wrote Hilda Strafford while convalescing on a ranch near San Diego,
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
presumably the fruit-farm which at one time she ran herself. It was serialized in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine in April-May 1896. A Tauchnitz
Publishing Mary Anne Barker
It was re-issued by Tauchnitz in 1876 in an edition which was in turn reprinted in facsimile in 2005.
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Gilderdale, Betty. The Seven Lives of Lady Barker. Canterbury University Press, 2009.
Publishing Anne Thackeray Ritchie
Tauchnitz made this the title piece of a collection of long short fiction published in 1876, that substantially overlaps with the contents of Smith, Elder 's To Esther and Other Sketches, 1876.
Ritchie, Anne Thackeray. Out of the World and Other Tales. B. Tauchnitz, 1876.
Callow, Steven D. “A Biographical Sketch of Lady Anne Thackeray Ritchie”. Virginia Woolf Quarterly, pp. 285 - 7.
Publishing Charlotte Despard
CD 's three-volume The Rajah's Heir proved to be a successful historical novel; it appeared in a Tauchnitz edition in the year of its first publication.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
3268 (1890): 765
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Beatrice Harraden
Jennifer Dawson was later to remember the same verse when she titled her novel Fowler's Snare, 1962. A Tauchnitz edition of BH 's work published the same year is catalogued by some libraries in...
Publishing Helen Mathers
In the year in which HM 's recent publisher, Bentley was taken over by Macmillan , she published this novel with Thomas Burleigh . There was also a Tauchnitz edition the same year.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing Mary Anne Barker
This appeared not from Macmillan as usual, but through William Hunt , publisher of Evening Hours. Reprints have included a Tauchnitz edition the year after first publication and New Zealand editions (issued at Christchurch...


Lucy Walford 's light-heartednovelMr. Smith: A Part of His Life appeared in Edinburgh and London before publication by Tauchnitz in Germany the following year.