Henrietta Camilla Jenkin

Standard Name: Jenkin, Henrietta Camilla
Birth Name: Henrietta Camilla Jackson
Married Name: Henrietta Camilla Jenkin
Pseudonym: The Author of the Maid's Husband
Pseudonym: The Author of Cousin Stella
Pseudonym: Mrs C. J.
HCJ was the author of eleven novels published over three and a half decades of the mid nineteenth century. They draw on her wide European and—perhaps most powerfully in her unflinching depiction of slavery—her Jamaican experience. Despite their frequent treatment of courtship they sometimes warn readers to beware of marriage altogether.


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Friends, Associates Vernon Lee
While in Thun, Switzerland, the teen-aged Violet Paget (later VL ) met Henrietta Jenkin , a Jamaican-born, Scottish novelist who became one of her mentors.
Colby, Vineta. Vernon Lee: A Literary Biography. University of Virginia Press.
Textual Production Vernon Lee
On the subject of women's publishing and the benefits of apparent androgyny, VL wrote to Henrietta Jenkin in 1878: I am sure that no one reads a woman's writing on art, history or aesthetics with...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Vernon Lee
In her first essay, Lee offers a summary analysis of the English novelistic tradition. Judging them especially, though not entirely, on their treatments of morality, she evaluates writers including Jane Austen , Maria Edgeworth ,...


23 February 1848: Fourteen-year-old Fleeming Jenkin (son of...

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23 February 1848

Fourteen-year-old Fleeming Jenkin (son of the writer Henrietta Camilla Jenkin and a future distinguished scientist), caught up in the February Revolution, noted the number and variety of women among the street mobs.


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