Victoria Glendinning

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Cultural formation Elizabeth Bowen
Her biographer Victoria Glendinning believes that her Anglicanism was more than merely social, and cites her indignation over the modernising of services in the Book of Common Prayer, and her speaking up in support...
Cultural formation Edith Sitwell
According to biographer Victoria Glendinning , ES wrote in her later life: I was unpopular with my parents from the moment of my birth.
Glendinning, Victoria. Edith Sitwell. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1981.
She felt that she was a changeling, thought her...
Education Vita Sackville-West
At thirteen VSW began attending a small day school run by Helen Wolff (whose name is variously spelled in various sources) in South Audley Street, off Park Lane. The staff were mostly male. Vita...
Friends, Associates Edith Sitwell
ES had received crucial support from Rootham in establishing her life and writing; she returned the support both financially and emotionally during Rootham's ultimately unsuccessful struggles to make a career as a singer.
Hill, Rosemary. “No False Modesty”. London Review of Books, No. 20, pp. 25 - 6.
Health Dorothy Wellesley
According to Vita Sackville-West's biographer Victoria Glendinning , DW in her later years (from about 1940) was frequently blind drunk, often outrageously so in public.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin, 1984.
306, 323
Intertextuality and Influence Rebecca West
The language is stilted an deliberately archaic. Victoria Glendinning describes the novel as baroque in manner and matter,
Glendinning, Victoria, and Rebecca West. “Introduction”. Harriet Hume, Lester and Orpen Dennys, 1980.
and likens it to the Reynolds painting, The Three Graces Decorating a Statue of Hymen...
Leisure and Society Vita Sackville-West
VSW became a debutante, entering the ritual season of fashionable parties which would launch her in society.
Her son Nigel Nicolson dates this in June 1910, but biographer Glendinning makes that date sound unlikely.
Nicolson, Nigel, and Vita Sackville-West. Portrait of a Marriage. Futura, 1974.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin, 1984.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin, 1984.
Literary responses Margaret Forster
The response of reviewers, including specialists in feminist biography, was enthusiastic. Victoria Glendinning in the Times welcomed a development she said she had been looking forward to: a biography offering sympathetic comprehension of the inner...
Literary responses Jane Gardam
This collection won both the David Higham Prize for Fiction and the Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize. It was also a New Fiction Society choice.
British Council Film and Literature Department, in association with Book Trust. Contemporary Writers in the UK.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
(23 January 1976): 77
Victoria Glendinning 's review in the Times...
Literary responses Jane Gardam
The TLS review by Victoria Glendinning found JG in this collection better at people than at plots, and dealing out more scrutiny and more punishment to women than to men.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
(18 April 1980): 430
Literary responses Rose Tremain
Reviewers divided over the question of how convincingly RT had impersonated her very young male hero. The Guardian reviewer admired the way that readers were led deep . . . into Lewis's consciousness, while some...
Literary responses Germaine Greer
A female gynaecologist mentioned in the book as uncaring and insensitive successfully sued Greer for damages.
Wallace, Christine. Germaine Greer: Untamed Shrew. Richard Cohen Books, 1999.
The Penguin paperback which followed the year after publication came garlanded with praise from British feminist writers: Wendy Cope
Literary responses Fay Weldon
Reviews of the novel were mixed. Reviewers criticised authorial intrusions, question-and-answer dialogue, and role-typing, while praising solid construction, shrewdness, and authenticity. Victoria Glendinning in the Times Literary Supplementtraced the details about material objects and...
Literary responses Elizabeth Jane Howard
Victoria Glendinning wrote in a New Statesman review: Howard writes most confidently and touchingly at very close range, about momentary doubts, unspoken anxieties, fleeting perceptions, intense good moments and equally intense bad ones, all inextricably...
Literary responses Olivia Manning
In 1978 OM was sued by surviving relations of Sir Walter Smart , the original of a character in the novel who is shown in a disturbing and memorable scene attempting to feed the dead...


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