Thomas, first Baron Erskine

Standard Name: Erskine, Thomas,,, first Baron
Used Form: Thomas, Lord Erskine


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Dedications Margaret Croker
MC prefaced it with a verse dedication to Thomas, Lord Erskine (an eminent lawyer who had defended Thomas Paine for publishing the Rights of Man). She praises him for charity and patriotism. A second...
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Calderwood
MC had two Erskine nephews, Henry and Thomas , who kept up the tradition of brilliant and liberal legal careers.
Friends, Associates Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
They included public men like George Canning , John Philpot Curran , and Lord Erskine , and writers and theatre people like John Philip Kemble , George Colman the younger, dramatist and examiner of plays...
Friends, Associates Mary Russell Mitford
A few years later, as a published author, MRM became friendly with James Perry (editor of the Morning Chronicle). At his house she met a number of eminent men: politicians Lord Brougham and Lord Erskine
Friends, Associates Maria Riddell
She had already by this date, on a visit to London, met Boswell , the biographer, and found him a stranger biped than any she knew.
MacNaughton, Angus. Burns’ Mrs Riddell. A Biography. Volturna Press.
By this time, too, her political contacts included...
Occupation Maria Riddell
In the same year, 1803, she was suggested by Thomas Erskine as a suitable person to become governess to the seven-year-old Princess Charlotte , who stood second in line for the British throne. She wrote...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Moody
Personal matters mingle with others of public or topical interest, as EM addresses Joseph Priestley on the inter-relation of matter and spirit, Marie Antoinette on her sufferings before her execution, and Dr Thomas Huet on...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eglinton Wallace
The indignant preface claims that the play was seen with delight by the most distinguished and numerous part of the audience,
Wallace, Eglinton. The Ton, or Follies of Fashion. A Comedy. T, Hookham.
but that these were powerless against influential individuals who knew beforehand that their...


September 1794: Indictments against Thomas Hardy, John Horne...

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September 1794

Indictments against Thomas Hardy , John Horne Tooke , and John Thelwall argued that proposals radically to limit the power of the king should rank as treason.


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