John Thelwall

Standard Name: Thelwall, John,, 1764 - 1834


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Friends, Associates Anne Plumptre
Their friends included Eliza Fenwick , Helen Maria Williams , Susannah Taylor , Mary Hays , Amelia Opie , Thomas Holcroft , John Thelwall , and other radicals. AP supported Thelwall's local electioneering, and Ann Jebb
Other Life Event Dorothy Wordsworth
Their lease may have been shortened because of the notorious episode (which began during their first month at Alfoxden) of the spying accusation. A visit from radical John Thelwall , together with the Wordsworths' unconventional...
politics Mary Tighe
MT was a liberal Whig in political opinions. She celebrated the famous acquittal of Thomas Hardy , John Thelwall , and John Horne Tooke of the charge of high treason in a sonnet Written on...


September 1794: Indictments against Thomas Hardy, John Horne...

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September 1794

Indictments against Thomas Hardy , John Horne Tooke , and John Thelwall argued that proposals radically to limit the power of the king should rank as treason.

6 October 1794: A London grand jury found twelve accused...

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6 October 1794

A London grand jury found twelve accused radicals guilty of high treason. Lord Chief Justice Eyre had delivered them the charge.

August-September 1796: Political lectures given by the radical John...

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August-September 1796

Political lectures given by the radical John Thelwall at Norwich and King's Lynn were disrupted by gangs of sailors.


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