John Horne Tooke

Standard Name: Tooke, John Horne


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politics Thomas Holcroft
He came to trial along with Thomas Hardy , Daniel Adams , and John Horne Tooke . Some of his co-defendants were acquitted and the case was dropped.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Goodwin, Albert. The Friends of Liberty: The English Democratic Movement in the Age of the French Revolution. Hutchinson.
politics Amelia Opie
Amelia Alderson (later AO ) attended the treason trials at the Old Bailey of Horne Tooke and Thomas Holcroft (friends of her family) and other would-be reformers; it was here that she got to know...
politics Mary Tighe
MT was a liberal Whig in political opinions. She celebrated the famous acquittal of Thomas Hardy , John Thelwall , and John Horne Tooke of the charge of high treason in a sonnet Written on...


20 February 1769: The Bill of Rights Society was founded at...

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20 February 1769

The Bill of Rights Society was founded at the London Tavern by John Horne (later John Horne Tooke ), John Sawbridge , Thomas Wilson , and others, to support Wilkes and to defend the legal...

April 1771: John Horne (later John Horne Tooke) and others...

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April 1771

John Horne (later John Horne Tooke ) and others seceded from the Bill of Rights Society to form the Constitutional Society .

16 December 1789: The Society for Constitutional Information...

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16 December 1789

The Society for Constitutional Information (a potentially radical political organization) held its semi-annual meeting at the London Tavern, to commemorate the centenary of the Bill of Rights.

Late 1790: William Holland published a print of Burke...

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Late 1790

William Holland published a print of Burke running the gauntlet of enemies with whips: women as well as men.

September 1794: Indictments against Thomas Hardy, John Horne...

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September 1794

Indictments against Thomas Hardy , John Horne Tooke , and John Thelwall argued that proposals radically to limit the power of the king should rank as treason.

6 October 1794: A London grand jury found twelve accused...

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6 October 1794

A London grand jury found twelve accused radicals guilty of high treason. Lord Chief Justice Eyre had delivered them the charge.


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