Ashley Cowper

Standard Name: Cowper, Ashley


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Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
Ashley Cowper (1701-6 June 1788), another lawyer, preserved the family poetry archive. Of Ashley's daughters, Theodora or Theadora and Harriet (later Lady Hesketh) were successively involved, as beloved and as friend, with the poet William...
Publishing Judith Cowper Madan
Verses written extempore in Mr A[shley] C[owper] 's Coke upon Littleton (the title of a standard legal textbook) by Judith Cowper (later Madan), appeared, to her dismay, in Ambrose Philips 's The Free-Thinker.
Textual Production Anne Irwin
Pope's poem was two years old, but the Gentleman's Magazine had recently reprinted it. Ashley Cowper kept a copy of AI 's riposte, attributed to her by name, in his Family Miscellany, British Library
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
The Family Miscellany, collected and transcribed by JCM 's brother Ashley Cowper , dated 1747 and now British Library MS Add. 28,101, includes plenty of poems by Ashley himself and plenty more ascribed to...
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
JCM 's Occasion'd by the Death of Mr John Hughes (translator of Letters of Abelard and Heloise, 1713, and a protégé of JCM 's uncle the first Earl Cowper ) was in Ashley Cowper
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
This is apparently a revised and expanded version of the text from early 1721 which Ashley Cowper copied in 1747 into The Family Miscellany. This first printing adds an extra forty lines, and several...
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
Judith Cowper's To Mr Pope —Written in his Works, 1720, composed for Pope's first published collection of his poetry (1717), and transcribed by Ashley Cowper , appeared in print the year after The Flower-Piece...


1628: Publication began of the legal treatise known...

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Publication began of the legal treatise known to later generations as Coke upon Littleton: The first part of the Institutes of the Lawes of England, or a Commentarie upon Littleton by jurist Sir Edward Coke .


Cowper, Ashley, editor. The Family Miscellany. 1747, http://British Library MS Add. 28,101.