Sir Edward Coke

Standard Name: Coke, Sir Edward


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Occupation Mary Astell
Material that she kept relating to the school included legal views of the canonical jurist Sir Edward Coke on charitable institutions, a sermon by George Hickes on endowing a school for poor girls, and information...
Publishing Judith Cowper Madan
Verses written extempore in Mr A[shley] C[owper] 's Coke upon Littleton (the title of a standard legal textbook) by Judith Cowper (later Madan), appeared, to her dismay, in Ambrose Philips 's The Free-Thinker.


29 September 1617: Frances Coke, daughter of the jurist Sir...

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29 September 1617

Frances Coke , daughter of the jurist Sir Edward Coke and of his second wife (the former Lady Elizabeth Hatton ), was married at Hampton Court to John Villiers , elder brother of King James...

1628: Publication began of the legal treatise known...

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Publication began of the legal treatise known to later generations as Coke upon Littleton: The first part of the Institutes of the Lawes of England, or a Commentarie upon Littleton by jurist Sir Edward Coke .

7 June 1628: Charles I backed down and accepted the Petition...

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7 June 1628

Charles I backed down and accepted the Petition of Right, a statement of the subject's rights and freedoms drawn up by the elderly jurist Sir Edward Coke .


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