John Hughes

Standard Name: Hughes, John,, 1677 - 1720


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Anthologization Judith Cowper Madan
This is apparently a revised and expanded version of the text from early 1721 which Ashley Cowper copied in 1747 into The Family Miscellany. This first printing adds an extra forty lines, and several...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Singer Rowe
ESR enjoyed important friendships from around the age of twenty with Anne Finch, Lady Winchilsea , and Lady Hertford . Finch was twelve years older than ESR , and Hertford twenty-five years younger. They each...
Literary responses Elizabeth Tollet
ET 's reputation persisted for some time after her death. Mary Scott praised her highly in The Female Advocate, 1774. John Duncombe (though her posthumous publication was too late for inclusion in his Feminiad...
Publishing Héloïse
Letters of Abelard and Heloise, translated by John Hughes , was published at London.
English Short Title Catalogue.
Pope, Alexander. The Poems of Alexander Pope. Editor Butt, John, Methuen; Yale University Press.
2: 295n6
Publishing Judith Cowper Madan
Pattison died of smallpox in July this year, aged about twenty-one.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Subscribers to his posthumous poems included Pope , Lady Hertford , Lady Mary Wortley Montagu , Laurence Eusden , Matthew Concanen , and Anthony Hammond
Textual Production Judith Cowper Madan
JCM 's Occasion'd by the Death of Mr John Hughes (translator of Letters of Abelard and Heloise, 1713, and a protégé of JCM 's uncle the first Earl Cowper ) was in Ashley Cowper


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