Jean de La Fontaine

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Education Ouida
Her father was also important in her education, encouraging her interest in history, politics (from a liberal standpoint), and the writings of Balzac and Stendhal . She wrote in an early diary, I must study...
Intertextuality and Influence Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
She sometimes included newly-composed verse in her letters: poems for a young lady and for one of her grandsons; a Soliloquy Before my Glass (in which, instead of lamenting the effects of age, she pretends...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Finch
Although AF is often thought of as a writer of pastoral, on account of the fame of A Noctural Reverie, this mode is fairly rare in her work. She is a very social poet....
Intertextuality and Influence Emily Gerard
This novel has two sections, Dream-Life and The Awakening, with an Intermezzo between the two: love is not part of the dream, but of the awakening to reality. The title-page quotation from La Fontaine
Literary responses Ruth Pitter
RP hunted out a copy of this book to present to C. S. Lewis when they first met in July 1946, writing that she thought it, though only grotesque & satirical . . . my...
Literary responses Charlotte Smith
Jacqueline M. Labbe , raising the question of why Smith chose at the end of her career to revive the old-fashioned genre of the fable (in her case bird fables), has noted her allusions to...
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Pipe Wolferstan
About two years after her husband's death EPW published, through Longman , her first poetry collection: The Enchanted Flute, with Other Poems, and Fables from La Fontaine.
The Bodleian Library copy has La Fontaine's...
Occupation Bernard Mandeville
As a doctor, BM had specialised in the treatment of hypochondriack and hysterick, that is nervous and psychiatric, disorders. After settling in England he became a writer as well: his first published work was...
Textual Features Charlotte Brontë
CB 's fable, almost certainly based on one by La Fontaine and possibly also on another by J. P. Florian , features a wise old rat, a former courtier living in retirement, and his son...
Textual Production Marianne Moore
This enumeration by no means exhausts MM 's output. She made sallies into French literature with a translation of La Fontaine 's fables, 1954, and a re-telling (rather than a translation) of fairy-tales by Perrault
Textual Production Caroline Norton
CN published The Undying One, and Other Poems, with epigraphs taken from Byron (again, this time from Childe Harold) and La Fontaine .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
137 (1830): 353
Textual Production Elizabeth Thomas
ET's The Metamorphosis of the Town: or, A View of the Present Fashions. A Tale: after the manner of Fontaine, was anonymously published.
Foxon, David F. English Verse 1701-1750. Cambridge University Press.
Textual Production Marie-Catherine de Villedieu
MCV 's Fables, ou histoires allégoriques, published in 1670, had earlier been presented to the king (their dedicatee) in the form of a splendid manuscript. Her interest in the genre may have been fed...


1668: Jean de La Fontaine published his first collection...

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Jean de La Fontaine published his first collection of animal Fables.


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