Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian

Standard Name: Florian, Jean-Pierre Claris de


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Intertextuality and Influence Jane Loudon
In prose the opening tale, Julia de Clifford, presents a well-meaning but thoughtless and impulsive heroine who progresses from dressing up as a ghost to scare the servants, to plunging her lover into despair...
Textual Features Charlotte Brontë
CB 's fable, almost certainly based on one by La Fontaine and possibly also on another by J. P. Florian , features a wise old rat, a former courtier living in retirement, and his son...
Textual Production Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
Barbarina Wilmot (later Lady Dacre) began work on her earliest play (of the four published in 1821): Gonzalvo of Cordova, which she based on a part of the little novel
Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre,. Dramas, Translations and Occasional Poems. John Murray, 1821.
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Gonzalve de...


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