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Publishing Fay Weldon
More recently, she says, films written with her half-brother have had serious subjects—Boadicea , or the SAS , or the Second Coming
Weldon, Fay. Auto da Fay. Flamingo.
—but have never actually been made.
Textual Features Katherine Philips
In On the Welsh Language, KP praises the early British queen Boadicea and anticipates something of the tone of Thomas Gray 's The Bard. It is unlikely that she learned Welsh (though her...
Textual Features Adrienne Rich
These poems abandon AR 's former regular metres for free verse, as they abandon decorum for outspoken personal expression about the struggle necessary to be a thinking woman rather than a good girl.
O’Mahoney, John. “Poet and Pioneer: Adrienne Rich”. The Guardian, pp. Review 20 - 3.
Textual Features Rosemary Sutcliff
Both the Roman, military, and the tribal, bronze-age worlds are thoroughly masculinist. Roman women do not appear; the tradition-bound lives of British women are separate, having little in common with those of their men. Each...
Textual Production Anna Mary Howitt
John Ruskin 's severe censure of a painting intended as her masterpiece (a heroic depiction of Boadiceabrooding over her wrongs, drawn from Barbara Leigh Smith )
Lee, Amice. Laurels & Rosemary: The Life of William and Mary Howitt. Oxford University Press.
may have impelled AMH to give up exhibiting her work.
Marsh, Jan, and Pamela Gerrish Nunn. Women Artists and the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. Virago.
Woodring, Carl Ray. Victorian Samplers: William and Mary Howitt. University of Kansas Press.
Textual Production Rosemary Sutcliff
RS structured a historical novel for young people in a new manner for her in The Capricorn Bracelet, a saga of six generations of an originally Roman family in the Roman colony of Britannia...
Textual Production Rosemary Sutcliff
For the first time RS chose a woman as her central hero-figure in Song for a Dark Queen, about Boudicca or Boadicea , queen of the Iceni, who was one of the most successful...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Antonia Fraser
This book (which covers the span from the queen of its title to the recent or current regimes of Margaret Thatcher , Golda Meir , and Indira Gandhi ) looks historically at the inbuilt contradictions...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Charlotte Lennox
The Lady's Museum is rich in illustrations (and boasts one musical score). Its frontispiece (copied by The Lady's Magazine of 1789) shows a studious woman from whom Cupid's dart is being deflected.
Carlile, Susan. Charlotte Lennox. An Independent Mind. University of Toronto Press.
Education is...


1609: A particular myth of national female heroism...

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A particular myth of national female heroism was launched in John Fletcher 's playBonduca (the Icenian queen better known as Boudicca or Boadicea ).

By December 1753: Two anonymous works were published which...

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By December 1753

Two anonymous works were published which testified to the popularity of Richard Glover 's tragedy about Boadicea .


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