Indira Gandhi

Standard Name: Gandhi, Indira


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Education Iris Murdoch
Among girls' boarding schools Badminton was progressive, founded during the turn-of-the-century movement radically to improve the education of girls. Intensely homesick at first, IM later enjoyed her studies there (including Latin and Greek), as well...
Textual Production Germaine Greer
In 2013 GG sold her archives (student notes and essays, scripts for the CambridgeFootlights Society , literary and scholarly manuscripts, diaries, a handmade book designed for her friend Gay Clifford , and professional and...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Antonia Fraser
This book (which covers the span from the queen of its title to the recent or current regimes of Margaret Thatcher , Golda Meir , and Indira Gandhi ) looks historically at the inbuilt contradictions...


1953: The United Nations General Assembly appointed...

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The United Nations General Assembly appointed its first female president, Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit of India.

24 January 1966: Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of I...

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24 January 1966

Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of India.

31 October 1984: Indira Gandhi, who had been Prime Minister...

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31 October 1984

Indira Gandhi , who had been Prime Minister of India with only one short break since 1967, was assassinated, shot down in her garden by two of her body-guards who were Sikhs, in retaliation for...


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