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Friends, Associates Catharine Macaulay
With her husband CM lived a busy social life. She met Frances Sheridan after she had become a writer.
Hill, Bridget. The Republican Virago: The Life and Times of Catharine Macaulay, Historian. Clarendon Press.
She subscribed to Elizabeth Carter 's translation of Epictetus . Of her radical friends Thomas Hollis
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Wentworth Morton
The title-page quotes romantic, melancholy lines from Byron 's Childe Harold.
Bottorff, William K., and Sarah Wentworth Morton. “Introduction”. My Mind and its Thoughts, Scholars’ Facsimiles and Reprints, pp. 5-16.
An Apology closing the volume speaks of SWM 's disappointments and distresses (which are often mentioned, though unspecified, in her work) especially...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Maria van Schurman
Having laid out her case, AMS proceeds to summarise and refute that of her Adversaries. These she classifies as the utilitarian (who value learning purely for its cash or career value) and the envious...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Letitia Barbauld
Aikin found it deplorable that Barbauld had left so many pieces unfinished.
McCarthy, William. Anna Letitia Barbauld, Voice of the Enlightenment. The Johns Hopkins University Press.
She omitted from her edition a good deal of both prose and poetry, but included such crucial unpublished works as the childbirth...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah, Lady Cowper
She apparently began by allotting so many pages to each letter of the alphabet, and it seems she could have continued collecting longer than she did, since at the end of her notes under A...
Leisure and Society Elizabeth Carter
This very pleasing portrait shows her with strong face and steady gaze, wearing classical dress, with pen in hand and her Epictetus volume visible. It now hangs in Johnson's House in Gough Square, London....
Author summary Elizabeth Carter
EC was renowned during a long span of the later eighteenth century as a scholar and translator from several languages and the most seriously learned among the Bluestockings. Her English version of Epictetus was...
Publishing Elizabeth Carter
EC published her scholarly translation of All the Works of Epictetus, by subscription, as a handsome folio printed by Samuel Richardson .
Richardson, Samuel. Correspondence with Lady Bradshaigh and Lady Echlin. Editor Sabor, Peter, Cambridge University Press.
Myers, Sylvia Harcstark. The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England. Clarendon.
Textual Features Mary Shelley
This novel has an epigraph from John Ford 's The Lover's Melancholy, 1629, about the storms and turmoil of human life.
Shelley, Mary. Lodore. Editor Vargo, Lisa, Broadview.
Epigraphs to individual chapters range widely, beginning with the medieval Catalan poet...
Textual Production Anne Dacier
Contemporary witnesses suggested that the couple had also worked together on Sophocles , Euripides , Plutarch , Epictetus , and Plato . According to recent critics, their sharing of their scholarly work without compromising the...
Textual Production Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Lady Mary Pierrepont (later LMWM ) spent a week translating into English prose the Enchiridion of Epictetus .
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley. The Complete Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Editor Halsband, Robert, Clarendon Press.
1: 43-4
Textual Production Elizabeth Barrett Browning
For a young woman who had never attended university (as she of course could not at this time) to offer a translation from a classical language was both courageous and confident.
It was a long...
Textual Production Elizabeth Carter
EC had promised Catherine Talbot that she would undertake the project of making a scholarly translation of the Enchiridion by Epictetus .
This work of ancient Greek stoic philosophy was something of a favourite with...
Textual Production Elizabeth Carter
EC declared that she had finished translating Epictetus (not merely his Enchiridion but his complete works)—though she needed still to write a biography of him and an essay on Stoic philosophy.
Myers, Sylvia Harcstark. The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England. Clarendon.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Harriet Martineau
Certainly the plot drags, the characterisation is wooden, and the book is weighed down by ponderous speeches. In the opening domestic scene, Toussaint's son is helped to read the word Epictetus on the spine of...


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Epictetus,. All the Works of Epictetus. Translator Carter, Elizabeth, S. Richardson, 1758.