Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh

Standard Name: Raleigh, Sir Walter Alexander
Used Form: Sir Walter Ralegh


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Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Carswell
Catherine had met Jackson, the brother-in-law of her former teacher Walter Raleigh , only that September, while she was staying with the Raleighs at Farnham. He was a painter, an ex-soldier, and a handsome man...
Friends, Associates Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA 's mother invited to Stanway a wide variety of guests: Arthur Balfour , Walter Raleigh , George Wyndham , Harry Cust , Charles Whibley , H. G. Wells , Evan Charteris , Hugh Cecil
Instructor Catherine Carswell
CC attended the Glasgow School of Art. On her return from Frankfurt she studied English Literature at Queen Margaret's College , the women's college which for nearly a decade had been part of Glasgow University
Literary responses May Cannan
The critic and family friend Sir Walter Raleigh , who saw these poems before publication, called them heart-breaking and terribly naked.
Cannan, May, and Bevil Quiller-Couch. “Editorial Materials”. The Tears of War, edited by Charlotte Fyfe, Cavalier Books, p. Various pages.
Once published, they brought MC many letters, among them one from Percival James Slater
Reception Mary Wollstonecraft
Katharine Marion Metcalfe , a recent graduate at Oxford University , did something extraordinary in enquiring of Professor Sir Walter Raleigh whether materials existed for research on MW . Raleigh proposed that Metcalfe should edit Jane Austen instead.
Barchas, Janine. “The Lost Books of Austen Studies”. States of the Book. CSECS/SCEDHS annual conference.
Textual Features Anne Ridler
Her introduction to the first selection, she said later, was more influenced by Coleridge than by Charles Williams .
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
It was an important feature of the volume, ranging itself alongside such prestigious Shakespeare critics...
Travel Catherine Carswell
A visit that Catherine Macfarlane made to her old teacher Walter Raleigh in September 1904, at his house in England, at Farnham in Surrey, proved decisive for the course of her life.


1904: Sir Walter Raleigh, author of the literary...

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Sir Walter Raleigh , author of the literary historyThe English Novel, 1894, moved from Glasgow to become the first Professor of English Literature at Oxford .


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