Kathy Acker

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Anthologization Michèle Roberts
This book was Fell's brainchild. Other contributors included Kathy Acker on Lust (whom MR admires for the riproaring language in which she writes of sexual violence), Zoë Fairbairns on Covetousness, Fell herself of Sloth, and...
Friends, Associates Jeanette Winterson
JW is a close friend of crime writer Ruth Rendell , from whom she borrows a cottage in Essex every autumn to go and spend time writing. Other friends speak of JW as a person...
Publishing Zoë Fairbairns
Photographs of contributors (including Kathy Acker , Leslie Dick , Sara Maitland , Agnes Owens , and Michèle Roberts ) adorn the back cover. Amanda Faulkner provided the illustrations.
Textual Production Christine Brooke-Rose
In 1989 she edited an issue of Review of Contemporary Fiction together with Kathy Acker and Marguerite Young . She collaborated on Interpretation and Overinterpretation, 1992, with Umberto Eco , Richard Rorty , and...
Textual Production Michèle Roberts
The editors referred coyly to Time Out as Another London Magazine.
“Magazine launches & events 1975-89”. magforum.com.
City Limits ran until the early 1990s. MR later interviewed for its pages writers like Kathy Acker and Dora Russell .
“Magazine launches & events 1975-89”. magforum.com.
Roberts, Michèle. Paper Houses. Virago.


1996: US punk writer Kathy Acker published Pussy,...

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US punk writer Kathy Acker published Pussy, King of the Pirates, a feminist-pornographic reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson 's Treasure Island in which the treasure-seekers are a band of women pirates.


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