Elizabeth Ham

Standard Name: Ham, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Ham
Though almost forgotten, EH is remarkable as an autobiographer and even more remarkable as a the author of a single novel. Writing and publishing in the earlier nineteenth century, she also produced a grammar textbook, poetry, and journalism.


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Textual Features Christian Isobel Johnstone
Though most of this novel's action takes place in oppressed Ireland, this book opens in Edinburgh, where various characters, including a midwife and Miss Jacobina Pingle, a nervous maiden gentlewoman,
Johnstone, Christian Isobel. Elizabeth de Bruce. Blackwood.
1: 12
Textual Features Jennifer Johnston
Johnston goes on to represent the gulf dividing old from young and class from class by telling her story in several voices: Minnie's stream of consciousness, that of her uncle (Money draining away. Wastepaper...
Textual Features Lady Caroline Lamb
Using as a foundation her affair with Byron (not its actual events but its emotional impact), LCL tells a melodramatic, gothic tale in rhapsodic, overblown style. Critic Paul Douglass thinks the fourteen lyrics included in...
Textual Production Mary Bryan
Another adviser was apparently the Bristol writer Charles Abraham Elton (who also employed Elizabeth Ham as a governess in his family and helped her revise her longest poem for publication). He suggested that Bryan might...


About 1800: Ladies' apparel of this time was in the style...

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About 1800

Ladies' apparel of this time was in the style of naked fashions, mimicking the drapery of classical Greek statues.

1811: Army regulations set out the system whereby...

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Army regulations set out the system whereby regiments ordered abroad on active service were allocated six soldiers' wives' tickets per company, distributed by ballot.


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