Florence Bell

Standard Name: Bell, Florence
Used Form: Florence, Lady Bell
Used Form: Florence Olliffe


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Family and Intimate relationships Gertrude Bell
GB 's father , a widower for about five years, married novelist and playwright Florence Olliffe .
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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Robins
ER 's first few years in London brought her into contact with several important literary and theatre figures, including Henry James , Oscar Wilde , actor-manager Herbert Beerbohm Tree , and actress Ellen Terry ...
Performance of text Elizabeth Robins
Alan's Wife, a play written by ER and Florence Bell , was produced by J. T. Grein 's Independent Theatre ; it was published by Henry and Co. the same year.
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Textual Production Gertrude Bell
GB 's letters were published posthumously in two volumes as The Letters of Gertrude Bell; they were edited by her stepmother, Florence, Lady Bell .
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Textual Production Elizabeth De la Pasture
Other women among the signatories were Florence Bell , Elizabeth Robins , and Margaret Louisa Woods . The letter asserts that the entire group were to be received by the Prime Minister, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Textual Production Elizabeth Robins
Robins had approached Heinemann in August 1892 with the suggestion that she co-translate the play with Florence Bell , but William Archer discouraged her on the grounds that it would emphasize [her] Ibsen proclivities.
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