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Literary responses Joanna Baillie
The Chief Justice of Ceylon, Sir Alexander Johnstone , asked that two of JB 's last plays be translated into Singalese.One—The Bride, A Tragedy (published in summer 1828), had a Singalese subject.
Quarterly Review. J. Murray.
38 (1828): 602
Literary responses Isabella Lickbarrow
Recently Jonathan Wordsworth has called her a poet of genuine individuality, well worth recuperation,
Wordsworth, Jonathan. The Bright Work Grows: Women Writers of the Romantic Age. Woodstock Books.
and Stuart Curran has linked her with Mary Bryant as Wordsworth ian poets.
Curran, Stuart. “Isabella Lickbarrow and Mary Bryan: Wordsworthian Poets”. The Wordsworth Circle, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 113-18.
The appearance of her Collected Poems...
Publishing Isabella Lickbarrow
Subscribers included Wordsworth , Southey , and De Quincey , all of them writers living in the area. Commentator Jonathan Wordsworth suggests that the subscription list, which clearly took careful fund-raising work, may have been...
Publishing Mary Ann Radcliffe
She planned to title it An Address to the Inhabitants of Great Britain; its eventual title was chosen by the publisher, who also overruled MAR 's wish to remain anonymous.
Radcliffe, Mary Ann. The Memoirs of Mrs. Mary Ann Radcliffe. Printed for the author.
Feminist Companion Archive.
The original is...
Textual Features Joanna Baillie
The poems present human shifts of mood and quirks of feeling. They are sensitively observed and charmingly written. The only modern poets she yet knew of to admire, JB said later, were William Hayley and...
Textual Features Susanna Blamire
In her Epistle to her Friends at GartmoreSB offers racy comment on her medical or doctoring activities, and also on her own poetic style. Her natural style, she says, is casual and unpolished, since...
Textual Features Susanna Blamire
Critic Jonathan Wordsworth takes On the Dangerous Illness of my Friend Mrs. L. as exemplying SB 's keen awareness of new developments that affect her art, since its personal ruminative style is inspired by William Cowper
Textual Features Felicia Hemans
The volume takes its epigraphs and historical starting-points from a wide range of sources, including major male Romantics—Wordsworth , Byron , Coleridge , Goethe , Schiller —and lesser-known contemporaries including women—Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
Textual Production Mary Robinson
MR (in the month before her death) published through both Longman and the Bristol firm of Cottle , Lyrical Tales.
Scholar Jonathan Wordsworth dates this publication 18 December, only eight days before the poet's death.
Wordsworth, Jonathan. The Bright Work Grows: Women Writers of the Romantic Age. Woodstock Books.
Robinson, Mary. “Introduction”. Mary Robinson: Selected Poems, edited by Judith Pascoe, Broadview, pp. 19-64.
Robinson, Mary. “Introduction”. Perdita: The Memoirs of Mary Robinson, edited by Moses Joseph Levy, Peter Owen.
Labbe, Jacqueline M. “Deflected Violence and Dream-Visions in Mary Robinson’s ‘Lyrical Tales’”. European Romantic Review, Vol.
, No. 2, pp. 163-74.


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