Marie-Jeanne L'Heritier de Villandon

Standard Name: Villandon, Marie-Jeanne L'Heritier de


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Textual Production Marina Warner
The original authors of the tales were writers, the majority of them women, living in Paris during the reign of Louis XIV: Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy , Marie-Jeanne L'Heritier de Villandon , Henriette-Julie de Murat , Charles Perrault
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Thicknesse
Richard Graves may have been disappointed, for the introduction and early lives are substantially the same as in the 1778 version which he had already read (though Hester Mulso Chapone has been added to the...


March 1694: The French poet Boileau published his misogynist...

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March 1694

The French poet Boileau published his misogynist Satire X, which targets the poet Antoinette Deshoulières (who had died in February) as a précieuse, and Scudéry 's Clélie as advocating adultery.


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