Henriette-Julie de Murat

Standard Name: Murat, Henriette-Julie de


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Reception Marie-Catherine d' Aulnoy
The reviewer suspected the hand of some male, present-day, British garret-dweller. In fact, despite the title-page insistence, this book is a novel by Henriette-Julie de Murat , who seems to have supposed that MCA was...
Textual Production Marie-Catherine d' Aulnoy
A key text for response to her in England was The Memoirs of the Countess of Dunois, written by her self, published the same year, which was actually written by Madame de Murat .
Palmer, Melvin D. “Madame d’Aulnoy in England”. Comparative Literature, Vol.
, pp. 237-53.
Textual Production Marina Warner
The original authors of the tales were writers, the majority of them women, living in Paris during the reign of Louis XIV: Marie-Catherine d'Aulnoy , Marie-Jeanne L'Heritier de Villandon , Henriette-Julie de Murat , Charles Perrault


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Murat, Henriette-Julie de. The Memoirs of the Countess of Dunois. Tho. Cockerill, 1699.