Antoinette Du Ligier de La Garde Deshoulières

Standard Name: Deshoulières, Antoinette Du Ligier de La Garde
Used Form: Antoinette Du Ligier de La Garde Deshoulieres


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Occupation Mary, Countess Cowper
She says she never solicited for a place, though she wrote to the Princess on the death of Queen Anne.
Mary, Countess Cowper,. Diary. Editor Cowper, Charles Spencer, John Murray.
Her post involved a week of constant waiting on the Princess followed by some...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Thicknesse
Richard Graves may have been disappointed, for the introduction and early lives are substantially the same as in the 1778 version which he had already read (though Hester Mulso Chapone has been added to the...


March 1694: The French poet Boileau published his misogynist...

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March 1694

The French poet Boileau published his misogynist Satire X, which targets the poet Antoinette Deshoulières (who had died in February) as a précieuse, and Scudéry 's Clélie as advocating adultery.

1758: Pierre-Joseph Boudier de Villemert published,...

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Pierre-Joseph Boudier de Villemert published, allegedly at Hamburg, a book called L'Ami des femmes, which remarked on the number and excellence of women writers in French.


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