Standard Name: Jesus
Used Form: Jesus Christ
Used Form: Christ


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Characters Michèle Roberts
This novel reflects both MR 's efforts to remove her own self from her writing, and the freedom and power she felt when she allowed herself, after all, to be present there again.
Kenyon, Olga. Women Writers Talk. Interviews with 10 women writers. Lennard Publishing.
Cultural formation Flora Tristan
When FT embarked on her country-wide tour, she saw herself as undertaking a role with intense spiritual significance. She viewed herself as the female messiah or as the Saving Woman who brought life and salvation...
Cultural formation Ann Hatton
On 19 August 1834 she wrote to Douglas Cohen expressing the hope that I may soon rest in the kingdom of God through the merits of our crucified Saviour Jesus Christ and I beseech you...
Intertextuality and Influence Michèle Roberts
She began this book out of an impulse to think about where I came from, both genetically and socio-historically.
Roberts, Michèle. Paper Houses. Virago.
Keeping to her unalterable schedule of several hours reading a day, she did painstaking research...
Intertextuality and Influence Edna St Vincent Millay
First Fig (beginning My candle burns at both ends) had already been out for two years and had become Millay's signature text. Second Fig, like the volume's title, subverts a parable of Christ
Intertextuality and Influence Katharine Bruce Glasier
The pamphlet focuses on the idea that socialism is best understood as a religious creed and practice. Its first half, written by KBG , employs a conversion narrative to express this perspective, while the second...
Intertextuality and Influence Augusta Gregory
This retelling of the Biblical story of Christ 's crucifixion, draws a parallel between the political situation in Ireland and that in Jerusalem at the time of Christ.
Stevenson, Mary Lou Kohfeldt. Lady Gregory: The Woman Behind the Irish Renaissance. Atheneum.
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth Melvill
The collection opens with A Call to Come to Christ, which engages in sacred parody of Christopher Marlowe 's well-known Come Live With Me and Be My Love. Melvill imagines not a lover...
Literary Setting Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Drawing on personal experience as a temperance worker, ESP developed the story of a temperance-oriented minister who tries to live like Christ in a fishing village where intemperance is rife. Embodying both religious and humanitarian...
politics Eva Gore-Booth
This involvement with the Rising aftermath was a highly disturbing first-hand experience of war
Lewis, Gifford. Eva Gore-Booth and Esther Roper: A Biography. Pandora Press.
for EGB and Roper. It informed EGB's writing, including her volume of poetry Broken Glory.
Lewis, Gifford. Eva Gore-Booth and Esther Roper: A Biography. Pandora Press.
She believed that...
Publishing Katharine Tynan
One of KT 's better known religious works is Miracle Plays: Our Lord 's Coming and Childhood, which appeared in both London and Chicago in 1895. The plays cover The Annunciation, The Visitation...
Publishing Henry Handel Richardson
Jacob Schwartz published at the Ulysses Press two handsome limited editions by HHR , to catch the 1931 Christmas market. Her stories Mary Christina and The Life of Peterle Lüthy appeared in an edition of...
Textual Features Annie Besant
From a theosophical perspective, AB posits that nations exist not for themselves but as part of a movement towards that great Ideal of Nations as one Family, the Ideal of Universal Peace.
Besant, Annie. Britain’s Place in the Great Plan. Theosophical Publishing House.
She sees...
Textual Features Elisabeth Wast
The point of EW 's book is to relate her religious experiences. She follows a chronological path, interrupting herself on occasion to add something that she forgot to mention in its proper Place.
Wast, Elisabeth. Memoirs; or, Spiritual Exercises.
Textual Features Lady Charlotte Elliot
The title piece, in Spenserian stanzas with an ababccdcc rhyme scheme, depicts Mary Magdalene being cajoled by Salome to seize the day. Mary, the poem's major speaker,                 weep[s] and moan[s]
  For wantonness of feasts and...


29 May 1537: Pope Paul III issued a Bull that classified...

National or international item

29 May 1537

Pope Paul III issued a Bull that classified American Indians as men, not brutes.

1848: The Order of the Good Shepherd Sisters arrived...

Building item


The Order of the Good Shepherd Sisters arrived in Ireland, and the first Magdalene Asylums were established.

April 1947: A Bethlehem antiquities dealer bought some...

Writing climate item

April 1947

A Bethlehem antiquities dealer bought some papyrus scrolls found by a Bedouin shepherd in a cave at Qumran near the Dead Sea. One copy of the book of Isaiah has proved to be the...

1954: Margaret Stanley Wrench published her verse...

Women writers item


Margaret Stanley Wrench published her verseplay on the Crucifixion of Jesus , The Splendid Burden.


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