Andrew Bell

Standard Name: Bell, Andrew


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Leisure and Society Mary Brunton
On her second visit she took in the Royal Academy Exhibition and visited the National School under the guidance of Dr Andrew Bell (a Scots Anglican clergyman, formerly of Madras, author of An Experiment in...
Occupation Anne Hart Gilbert
This was at a time when teaching slaves to read was so unpopular and suspicious a measure that missionaries were advised not to do it for fear of losing patronage. Elizabeth Hart Thwaites took up...
Textual Features Catherine Marsh
Day Dawn, among other subjects, describes an occasion when CM , while visiting the town of St Andrews in Scotland, was persuaded to give an address in the large room of the Madras College
Textual Production Caroline Bowles
Robert Southey 's triple-decker The Life of the Rev. Andrew Bell, edited and completed in part by Southey's widow CB , was posthumously published on the heels of conflict among those concerned.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Sarah Trimmer
The full title was A Comparative View of the New Plan of Education promulgated by Mr. Joseph Lancaster, in his Tracts concerning the Instruction of the Children of the Labouring Part of the Community; and...


Andrew Bell , a Scottish Anglican clergyman, published An Experiment in Education, made at the Male Asylum of Madras. Suggesting a system by which a school or family may teach itself under the superintendence...
The QuakerJoseph Lancaster opened his non-sectarian Free School in Borough Road in south-east London; he soon had a thousand pupils.
The Royal Lancastrian Society , later the British and Foreign School Society , was founded in London by friends of the educator Joseph Lancaster .