Sheila Rowbotham

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Literary responses Margaret Forster
Sad to say, prominent feminist Sheila Rowbotham , reviewing this book for the Times Literary Supplement, found herself, for ideological reasons, unable to approve it. Though she found it inspiring as a collection of...
Literary responses Germaine Greer
A contemporary street-level response, an article written by Robert Greenfield for Rolling Stone in early 1971, gives an idea of the popular impression of Greer in England at this date, before The Female Eunuch had...
Textual Production Alison Fell
AF was a constant source of scenes, burlesques, and improvisations for performance by the Women's Liberation Street Theatre Group . She also wrote for a number of underground or radical papers: Ink, Islington Gutter...
Textual Production Sara Maitland
SM dedicated this book to her daughter Mildred, simply because she has so much flash.
Maitland, Sara. Vesta Tilley. Virago.
She heads her first chapter with a quotation from Sheila Rowbotham 's Dreams and Dilemmas, 1983: We pry...
Textual Production Michelene Wandor
Other contributors besides the editors were Astra Blaug , Alison Fell , and Sheila Rowbotham .


13 January 1917: Working-class ex-suffragist Alice Wheeldon...

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13 January 1917

Working-class ex-suffragist Alice Wheeldon was arrested on the testimony of intelligence agents posing as conscientious objectors, along with her two daughters and a genuine conscientious objector they were harbouring.

October 1958: Women Speaking began publication, covering...

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October 1958

Women Speaking began publication, covering work, religion, education and peace from a feminist angle.

26 December 1967: Television aired the Beatles' satirical programme...

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26 December 1967

Television aired the Beatles ' satirical programme The Magical Mystery Tour. Its mix of masks, disguises, and jokes included a woman doing strip-tease.

1 January 1969: In an article in The Black Dwarf entitled...

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1 January 1969

In an article in The Black Dwarf entitled Women: the Struggle for Freedom, Sheila Rowbotham argued that the new politics would have more room for women and would pay more attention to people's personal...

1969: Sheila Rowbotham published her highly influential...

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Sheila Rowbotham published her highly influential Women's Liberation and the New Politics with Spokesman Press of Nottingham.

August 1972: Red Rag: A Magazine of Women's Liberation,...

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August 1972

Red Rag: A Magazine of Women's Liberation, produced by a Marxist collective of the Women's Liberation Movement, began quarterly publication in London.

1973: Sheila Rowbotham published with Pluto Press...

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Sheila Rowbotham published with Pluto Press of London a second highly influential work of feminist studies: Hidden from History: 300 Years of Women's Oppression and the Fight against it.

August 1980: The Red Rag, produced by a Marxist collective...

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August 1980

The Red Rag, produced by a Marxist collective of the Women's Liberation Movement in London, ended publication.

December 1982: Women Speaking, covering work, religion,...

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December 1982

Women Speaking, covering work, religion, education and peace from a feminist angle, ended publication in London.

By mid-October 1983: Ursula Owen, editor of Virago Press, published...

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By mid-October 1983

Ursula Owen , editor of Virago Press , published with them an anthology of essays: Fathers: Reflections by Daughters.


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