Susan Todd

Standard Name: Todd, Susan


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Anthologization Bryony Lavery
In 1984 BL edited from the texts written by Calamity Jane (Jane Cannary Hickok ) Letters of Calamity Jane to Her Daughter. (Words from this book were set to music by Libby Larsen
Friends, Associates Alison Fell
As well as Sue Todd and Buzz Goodbody , her friends at this stage (who were also her political associates) included Michèle Roberts and Marsha Rowe , with whom her friendships became lifelong.
Roberts, Michèle. Paper Houses. Virago.
“Inventory. Acc. 12394. Alison Fell”. National Library of Scotland.
Literary responses Louise Page
LP was so moved that she wept as she wrote this play. She later perceived an autobiographical element in it.
Page, Louise. Plays: 1. Methuen.
Reviewers were on the whole less impressed than they had previously been by Page...
Occupation Alison Fell
As both a sculptor and a writer, AFgot involved in the beginnings of an innovative, radical theatre group, Welfare State , in 1968, the year it was founded.
Fell, Alison. “Rebel with a Cause”. Truth, Dare or Promise: Girls Growing Up in the Fifties, edited by Liz Heron, Virago, pp. 11-25.
The following year she discovered...
Textual Production Bryony Lavery
BL has been a scriptwriter with Patrick Barlow for the two-man satirical company the National Theatre of Brent . She and Barlow scripted Zulu, 1981, and she, Barlow, and Susan Todd collaborated on Götterdämmerung...
Textual Production Deborah Levy
It was her sixth play in two years, another result of her continuing collaboration with director Susan Todd . It was published the next year, along with Eva and Moses, in Heresies: Eva and...


1970: The Women's Street Theatre Company was founded...

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The Women's Street Theatre Company was founded in London by Alison Fell , Buzz Goodbody , and Susan Todd as a feminist and socialist performance group.


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