Auberon Waugh

Standard Name: Waugh, Auberon


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth De la Pasture
EDP had two daughters from her first marriage. The elder, Edmée Elizabeth Monica De la Pasture (born on 9 June 1890), became the novelist E. M. Delafield —who, however, found her mother cold and distant...
Family and Intimate relationships Evelyn Waugh
Her family, particularly her mother, opposed the marriage, though they softened towards Waugh in the end. The couple had seven children (besides one stillborn daughter). The eldest became the writer Auberon Waugh ; the last...
Literary responses Nina Bawden
Auberon Waugh 's review of the book was headed: If only nasty Laura had kept her clothes on . . . .
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Elaine Feinstein , reviewing it along with Salman Rushdie 's Midnight's Children...
Literary responses Elizabeth De la Pasture
Novelist Evelyn Waugh was an ardent admirer of this book after coming on a copy by chance in 1950. His children liked it as much as he did, and thirty years later one of them,...
Literary responses Margaret Forster
Some reviewers, however, concentrated on the public policy issues. Jonathan Coe in The Guardian suggested that Forster deserved a hypothetical prize for the most socially useful novel of the year,
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
and that since no...
Literary responses Rosamond Lehmann
Auberon Waugh likened A Sea-Grape Tree to pulp romance, The Times thought it unintentionally absurd, and Lorna Sage called the main characters paper people. Thoughtful and positive comments from Elizabeth Jane Howard
Literary responses Penelope Mortimer
US reviews were enthusiastic, though in Britain Auberon Waugh decried the book as ego-maniac drivel.
Lord, Graham. John Mortimer, The Devil’s Advocate. The Unauthorised Biography. Orion.
For PM , it was the most important achievement of [her] career.
Mortimer, Penelope. About Time Too: 1940-1978. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Critic Margaret Crosland writes, the...
Literary responses Evelyn Waugh
His son Auberon observed that crucial aspects of his father's character, his spontaneous gaiety or sweetness of nature with friends and his kindliness, or . . . sudden disarming gentleness with family, go unrecorded in...
Textual Features Elizabeth De la Pasture
Mishaps abound, from the moment when Mr Chubb, stamping about with excitement at the news of the family's sudden accession to wealth, says, I hope, children, that you will conduct yourselves with steadiness and propriety...


30 May 1967: Colonel Emeka Ojukwu of Eastern Nigeria made...

National or international item

30 May 1967

Colonel Emeka Ojukwu of Eastern Nigeria made a unilateral declaration of independence on the part of the Ibo people, which set up the Republic of Biafra.

January 1996: Novelist Kate Mosse and a committee of literary...

Women writers item

January 1996

Novelist Kate Mosse and a committee of literary professionals established the Orange Prize for Fiction (later the Baileys Prize, now the Women's Proze for Fiction), a literary prize to be solely awarded to and judged...


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