Constance Holme

Standard Name: Holme, Constance
Birth Name: Constance Holme
CH , writing during the earlier part of the twentieth century, was a playwright, novelist, short-story writer, and poet. Her plays (her own favourite genre) had little success, but her eight novels and single volume of short pieces (modernist and experimental in style) met with considerable critical respect, though they never broke through to a permanent place in standard accounts of her period. At the same time her novels (all regional in setting, the first three upper-class in their casts of characters) had great popular success with unsophisticated readers, who were apparently won by their intense emotions and (in some cases) exciting stories, ignoring their elements of patterning, their symbolism, and their transformation of individual experience into the more generally human.


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Dedications Rose Allatini
RA , as Eunice Buckley, dedicated her novel Destination Unknown, in friendship and admiration, to her fellow-writer Constance Holme .
Dated from the Bodleian Library acquisition stamp.
Allatini, Rose. Destination Unknown. Andrew Dakers.
Friends, Associates Rose Allatini
RA was, perhaps surprisingly, a personal friend of the conservative novelist Constance Holme , who lived in the Lake District and seldom came south.
Allatini, Rose. Destination Unknown. Andrew Dakers.
Intertextuality and Influence Stella Gibbons
The idea for the novel germinated while SG was working at the Evening Standard; she wrote much of it while travelling to and from work on the London tube.
Briggs, Asa. A History of Longmans and Their Books 1724 - 1990. Longevity in Publishing. British Library and Oak Knoll Press.
In 1928, the year...


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