Anne, Lady Southwell

Standard Name: Southwell, Anne,,, Lady
Birth Name: Anne Harris
Married Name: Anne Sibthorpe
ALS , who lived in the later-sixteenth and earlier-seventeenth centuries in England and in Protestant, colonial Ireland, left a commonplace-book containing a collection of her own remarkable poems as well as a few letters, aphorisms, poems by others, financial records, and inventories. At least one prose piece and a couple of poems survive elsewhere. Southwell used writing instrumentally, to maintain her contacts and further her husbands' careers; she also used poetry to work through her religious feelings and philosophical positions, and clearly dreamed of poetic fame or at least recognition.


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Friends, Associates Cicely Bulstrode
CB 's circle of friends included other ladies who wrote: Lady Southwell and Lady Anne Clifford . Lady Bedford (who was said to write but who is more famous as a dedicatee of the works...
Textual Production Cicely Bulstrode
A poem, The Wife, posthumously attributed to Sir Thomas Overbury , was entered in the Stationers' Register. It appeared next year with extraneous material, some of it written by several women, who included...


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