George Monck, first Duke of Albemarle

Standard Name: Albemarle, George Monck,,, first Duke of


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Textual Features Cassandra Cooke
Other events follow the ending of the inset tale. Dr Scot is involved in a hush-hush mission with General Monck , facilitating the Restoration of Charles II . The story cannot end until the title...


11 February 1660: General Monck, having marched on London from...

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11 February 1660

General Monck , having marched on London from Scotland, dissolved the Parliament by military threat and convened a new one.

3 March 1660: Milton published The Readie and Easie Way...

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3 March 1660

Milton published The Readie and Easie Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth, a pamphlet designed to sway public opinion against the restoration either of the monarchy or of rule by any single individual.

8-9 August 1666: In a major English coup of the Second Dutch...

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8-9 August 1666

In a major English coup of the Second Dutch War, Albemarle and Prince Rupert burned a hundred and fifty Dutch merchant ships off the island of Schelling.


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